Analytics Certification Board (ACB)

The Analytics Certification Board (ACB) is established to oversee the analytics certification program of the Institute and to facilitate communication between leaders and administrators of the program and INFORMS Board of Directors.

The ACB is both a standard setting and assessment body for professionals in the analytics field. ACB is an administratively independent certification body of INFORMS.


Advancing the use of analytics by setting agreed upon consensus standards for the profession


Advance the analytics profession by providing a high-quality program of certification and promoting continuing competence for practitioners.

2019-2020 Membership

Chair: Beverly Wright, PhD, CAP UGA Terry College of Business, Executive Education
Vice-Chair: Jack Levis, - Retired
Randy Bartlett, PhD, CAP, Blue Sigma Analytics
Aaron Burciaga, CAP
Linda Burtch, Burtch Works
Laurie Garrow, CAP, Georgia Tech
Arnold Greenland, PhD, CAP University of Maryland
Captain Richard McGrath, CAP, United States Naval Academy
Dr. Tony Branda, CAP, Analytics Hall of Fame
Steven Harrod, CAP, Technical University of Denmark
Dr. Steven Wilcox, CAP, Serco Inc.
Patrick Murray, CAP, Penfield
Alan Briggs – Concurrent Technologies Corporation
Allen Butler, PhD, Daniel H. Wagner Associates, Inc., ex officio
Elena Gerstmann, INFORMS Exec. Director, ex officio

For further information on the board, see  pdf Section 17 - Analtyics Certification Program  of the Policy and Procedures Manual or email