Constitutional Amendment

Download Constitutional Amendment Ballot

After extensive review and discussion, the INFORMS Board of Directors has decided it is important to modernize the Constitution. Changing the Constitution is a painful process, but for good reason because it should not be done lightly. The information below describes the background for this request, the amendments under consideration, and the process for making the changes.


The Constitution was adopted in 1995 and has served us well for nearly 30 years, but it is starting to show its age both from a technology standpoint and an operational standpoint.

  1. Technology: In 1995, less than 10% of the U.S. and less than 1% of the world population had access to the internet. The dominate web browser was Netscape Navigator and there were fewer than 24,000 websites. The Constitution, therefore, did not anticipate web-based voting for constitutional changes or the ability to conduct virtual business meetings.
  2. Operational: We have grown to 12,000 members and a full-time staff of more than 50. The Constitution should better reflect how INFORMS operates, including explicitly naming the INFORMS president as Chair of the Board and adding the immediate past president as an officer. 

Note: While recommending the above changes, the intention is to ensure that the governance structure of INFORMS remains unchanged from the way the founders designed it. INFORMS will continue to be a member-led organization. 

Constitutional amendments and related material 

The proposed changes to the Constitution have been drafted, reviewed by the INFORMS outside counsel, and discussed and approved by the Board.

  1. Current Constitution
  2. Redlined document including the lawyer-approved changes to the Constitution
  3. Itemized list of changes with brief explanation of each change
  4. Download Constitutional Amendment Ballot

Changing the Constitution requires 60% approval by at least 20% of the membership, and voting must be done by returning sealed envelopes via “snail mail.” We will follow the rules specified in our Constitution for seeking approval of these changes from the INFORMS membership:

  1. The members must be notified of the proposed changes to the Constitution at least three weeks prior to the Business Meeting – an email to membership announcing the proposed changes was sent on Friday, September 23, 2022.
  2. At the INFORMS Business Meeting during the 2022 INFORMS Annual Meeting in Indianapolis on October 18, members met and had a discussion related to the proposed changes. 
  3. On or about November 3, an email will be sent on behalf of INFORMS Secretary Prof. Mark Lewis with instructions to print the pdf file with the ballot and return via sealed envelope. 
  4. On or about December 3, SBS will be sending out a mail ballot to those who have not yet voted.
  5. Please vote! The official end date will be February 28, 2023. Please respond when the ballot is received so we don’t have to send reminders. 

Again, we are going through this effort because the Board of Directors believes it is important to modernize the Constitution. Please reach out to directly if you have any questions. Messages sent to this email address will be sent to the team of Board of Directors working on this initiative.

Download Constitutional Amendment Ballot