Presidents Letter

Dear INFORMS Members,

Thank you for being a part of the INFORMS member community. As we begin 2019 and my term as INFORMS President, I would like to focus our collective attention on some great news: Our community is making a tremendous impact in the world. Taking a look at just a small sample of work by INFORMS members and it becomes immediately clear how this amazing profession is saving lives, saving money, and solving problems::

  • A new kidney exchange program has already saved more than 220 lives.
  • The world’s first two-sided spectrum auction reclaimed and repurposed 84 MHz of spectrum, and generated $7 billion to help pay down the U.S. deficit.
  • Operations Research guided drone technology is transforming healthcare by making it possible to deliver medicine to rural patients with chronic illnesses.
  • New research shows optimizing the location of shelters improves recovery outcomes for human trafficking survivors.  
  • More than 800 volunteers have worked on 36 projects (and counting), partnering with non-profits to help them use analytics to maximize their efficiency and effectiveness to better meet their missions. 

These examples are just the tip of the iceberg. There are countless more stories that show how Operations Research and Analytics are touching virtually every corner of society and the economy.

You are all a valuable part of this community of world-changers. Your presence in INFORMS helps us make the case to leaders in government, business, academia, and other organizations – those who shape policy, fund research, and make decisions – that our skills are the skills needed now, and that investing in Operations Research and Analytics will continue to save lives, save money, and solve problems for years to come.

For that reason, we ask you to do three things:

  • First, renew your INFORMS membership today. Whether you want to share your research, establish your career, or advocate for the value of OR and Analytics, INFORMS is the place for you.
  • Second, engage in our community. Perhaps attend a conference, such as our upcoming Conference on Business Analytics & Operations Research, to build your own network and strengthen our impact in government and industry.
  • Third, share your stories. We want to hear about the impact your work is making locally and globally, across diverse industries. Tell us about your successes. Shine a light on new research. Please contact Ashley Kilgore to share your stories.

You can also reach me personally at I hope to be overwhelmed with your emails!

We truly appreciate that you chose to join and support INFORMS. I look forward to serving as your President and hearing your stories as we continue changing the world, together.


R-K 2019
  Ramayya Krishnan
Carnegie Mellon University
25th President of INFORMS (2019)

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