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Introducing a new competition for tomorrow’s leaders in O.R. & Analytics

The International O.R. & Analytics Team Competition is a unique student competition that provides a real-world workplace experience.

Teams of students will use the same data set and software systems to solve a challenging business problem using an OR/Analytics approach. A panel of industry experts will judge their submissions.

It’s about gaining practical experience in the complete OR/Analytics decision process.  It’s about communication, leadership, and teamwork. It’s about innovation. It’s an opportunity to develop skills valuable to every employer. 

Join us for the inaugural year of the O.R. & Analytics Team Competition!

Competition details

Teams will be associated with a university O.R. or Analytics degree program. They may be made up of masters and undergraduate students. There is no limitation on the size of teams. 

All teams will be given the same business problem and data set(s) from the title sponsor (Syngenta in 2016) and the same software programs. Teams will be given two weeks to review the problem and, if needed, to correspond with company representatives with clarifying questions. Questions deemed not to be clarifying questions will not be answered. Teams will not have knowledge of the questions being asked by other teams.

All teams will approach the business problem as if they are employed by the organization. For example, the message to the teams would be: To assist the organization in understanding the approach your team has taken and the value of that approach, the organization’s upper management requires a report covering your:

  • Understanding of the business problem
  • OR/Analytics problem framing
  • Data – approach to its use, what additional information was needed (if any), determination of sufficiency, whether it was clean 
  • Methodology selection
  • Model building
  • Innovation brought to your overall approach
  • How you would model life-cycle management and deployment

Finally, each team must convince the panel of judges, acting as “management”, in a formal presentation why they should choose their approach. Members of other teams will not be allowed to view the presentations in order to ensure fairness for all teams. All presentations will be videoed so the winning team’s presentation can be shared. The presentations will be a maximum of 15 minutes including time for questions and answers.

Teams will be judged on:

  • Written report
    • OR/Analytics approach
    • understanding of the business problem
    • OR/Analytics problem framing
    • data approach and use
    • methodology selection
    • model building
    • innovation
    • approach to model life-cycle management and deployment
  • Team organization/planning
  • Presentation
    • Communication – effectiveness & clarity
    • Visual aids/visualization
    • Materials/handouts
    • Handling of and completeness of responses to judge’s questions

The competition will begin in September 2016 and end with team presentations at the INFORMS Analytics Meeting in April 2017. The winner will be announced at the conference.

Interested? Sign up here to subscribe to the Team Competition email list and receive timely updates:


Cash prizes and plaques will be awarded for 1st through 5th place teams. The winning team will also receive a “traveling” trophy for display at their university for the year, until the next winner takes it home.


Syngenta, the 2015 winner of INFORMS’ Edelman Award, is the title sponsor of this year’s competition.

What about your company? Attract the best students by showing your commitment to the profession’s future. Encourage the development of soft skills. Raise your company’s profile in the industry. Become a sponsor today.

For more information on sponsorship please email informs@informs.org.

Today I am pleased to introduce INFORMS members to Kudos, a free web service that provides a new way for researchers to significantly expand the visibility and reach of their published articles.

Using the Kudos toolkit, authors can explain their work — and its importance — to differentiate it from the 1+ million new research publications added to the web each year.

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Several prominent members of INFORMS who have put some serious science into their “bracketology.” Sheldon Jacobson of U of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign & INFORMS treasurer, has organized a website that focuses on bracket odds. A team at GA Tech led by Joel Sokol developed the LRMC (Bayesian) ranking system. Laura Albert McLay, U of Wisconsin and VP of marketing, communications & outreach for INFORMS, explains bracketology & Markov chains in a video.

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Thank you for being part of another successful year for INFORMS. The success of INFORMS would not be possible without you. So on behalf of the entire INFORMS leadership team, thank you – for your work and dedication to our profession, and for your continued membership and support of INFORMS. We invite you to renew your 2016 membership in the Institute today.

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In 2011, President Obama set an ambitious goal of making the United States the first country to have 1 million electric vehicles on the road by 2015. So, what went wrong?

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2014 proved to be a winning year for analytics. Going by the number of conferences devoted to the topic of analytics and attendance, including this year's record-breaking INFORMS Annual Conference

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It’s the elephant in the room that people don’t really like to talk about: the lack of diversity in STEM fields. It’s an important issue, though, because a group of people with different backgrounds and perspectives will always be stronger

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Lately I’ve been interested in textual data, which has opened a whole new world of things to think – and write – about. One interesting thing about text data is that the entire world of written word becomes your analytic garden.

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As the owner of a fast food restaurant with declining sales, your customers are looking for something new and exciting on the menu. Your market research indicates that they want a burger that is loaded with everything as long as it meets certain health requirements. Money is no object to th

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While big data and analytics have garnered massive attention in the corporate world and mainstream media over the last several years, many university business departments and professors are still struggling with how to best teach a subject many of them have relatively little experience with. To make things more complicated

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