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Thank you for being part of another successful year for INFORMS!

Thanks to the hard work of INFORMS members like you, the fields of operations research, management sciences and analytics continue to grow and thrive. More organizations than ever before rely on the research and practice activities of INFORMS members. The innovative and exciting research published in our journals is being utilized and cited all over the world. Our conferences continue to grow. The demand for INFORMS professional development programs continues to expand. And our membership continues to thrive.

The success of INFORMS would not be possible without you. So on behalf of the entire INFORMS leadership team, thank you – for your work and dedication to our profession, and for your continued membership and support of INFORMS.

Now is the time to renew your annual INFORMS membership. Your current membership is set to expire on December 31; renew today to ensure continuation of the valuable and unique resources and networking opportunities that only INFORMS provides, including:  

  • INFORMS Communities: Access to over 100 communities, including Societies, Sections, and geographic and student Chapters, providing multiple options for networking with professional peers and enhancing the visibility you need.
  • Meetings and Conferences: Members-only savings on renowned topical, regional, national, and international meetings, conferences, and workshops where you can present, learn, and network.
  • INFORMS Connect: Access to our members-only online community that helps spur connection, discussion, and sharing.
  • Career Center and Job Fairs: Access hundreds of fresh O.R. and analytics jobs and resources that combine state of the art functionality to help you plan your next career move or find the right professional for your organization.
  • Certified Analytics Professional (CAP®): Members-only savings on analytics certification that helps individuals distinguish themselves and create greater opportunities to enrich their careers.
  • Continuing Education courses: Members-only savings on training courses that provide high quality instruction in key topics to help advance your career potential.
  • INFORMS publications: Members-only discounts of up to 60% or more.
  • PubsOnLine Suite: All 14 INFORMS electronic journals at the reduced price of $109 per year for regular members and $54 for retired and student members.
  • Member Publications: Access the highly popular member magazine, OR/MS Today, and industry magazine Analytics.
  • Free educational materials: Enrich the O.R. classroom with valuable resources including print, electronic, audio, video, and multimedia materials.

As we set our sights on 2016, we look forward to continuing to meet the needs of members like you.

We have three exciting and attractive meeting locations in 2016. The Analytics Conference will be held in April in the exciting gateway city of Orlando, Florida; in June come to the INFORMS 2016 International Meeting at the Hilton Waikoloa Village on the Kohala Coast of Hawaii, the Big Island; and in November we will bring our O.R. and analytics skills to the Music City at the 2016 Annual Meeting in Nashville - the friendliest city in America.

Our journals continue to publish the very best of O.R. scholarship including coverage of strategic management issues in our 14th and newest journal, Strategy Science. We continue to embrace the future with a versatile and wide-ranging open access policy. And, our growing awards program continues to identify and reward meritorious achievement in all aspects of our field.

Your membership dues support these key activities, along with the many other programs and services that continue to help our members and the profession grow and thrive.

Once again, thank you for being part of INFORMS, and please make sure to renew your INFORMS membership today.


Edward H. Kaplan
Yale University
2016 President                                                
L. Robin Keller
University of California, Irvine
2015 President
P.S.  Renew your membership today at https://renew.informs.org and keep your professional network in place. We believe your deep commitment, along with your unique knowledge and experience, is crucial to enhancing our profession.
In 2011, President Obama set an ambitious goal of making the United States the first country to have 1 million electric vehicles on the road by 2015. So, what went wrong?

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2014 proved to be a winning year for analytics. Going by the number of conferences devoted to the topic of analytics and attendance, including this year's record-breaking INFORMS Annual Conference

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I’ll never forget my first day of kindergarten. A week before school started, I broke my leg. With a cast on my leg and with the help of crutches, I limped into class and became an instant curiosity/celebrity. All the other kids asked me about the cast and how I broke my leg.

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One of the advantages of editing Analytics (as well as OR/MS Today, the membership magazine of INFORMS) is I learn something new every day, thanks to the wide array of contributed articles we receive. For example, just in preparing this issue, I learned: Nearly 20 years ago, Amazon founder

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KDnuggets is a popular site covering Business Analytics, Big Data, Data Mining, and Data Science. It is published and edited by Gregory Piatetsky-Shapiro, Ph.D., a leading expert in Data Mining and Data Science

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