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I’ll never forget my first day of kindergarten. A week before school started, I broke my leg. With a cast on my leg and with the help of crutches, I limped into class and became an instant curiosity/celebrity. All the other kids asked me about the cast and how I broke my leg.

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The era of Big Data has come upon us, and not every healthcare professional is happy about it. This surprises my analytics colleagues – don’t we all like making more informed decisions? Why would anyone be reluctant to gain more insights? It surprised me too, the first time I heard about it.

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In December 2012, I spoke with Dr. Michael Carter, a professor in the Mechanical and Industrial Engineering department at the University of Toronto, about healthcare in Canada. Thoroughly entertaining, Dr Carter had some valuable insights on the state of healthcare systems in Canada.

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I’m excited to be seeing you soon at the INFORMS Healthcare conference. It’s amazing that this specialized conference, offered for the first time, features 13-14 parallel tracks. Congratulations to the organizing committee for putting together such a rich schedule. As part of my preparations for leaving, I was looking over the latest travel news and noticed that a computer glitch at United Airlines had led to the stranding of thousands of passengers.

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Doctors can be of all kinds, but the most basic division is between a generalist and a specialist. A generalist is someone who understands the body as a whole while the specialist knows more about a specific part of the body -- the heart, say.

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