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As we say a final farewell to our favorite Harry Potter characters this summer and return to the land of the Muggles, I have to wonder what these muggles – non-wizardy folks with no magical ability – had to say about the events that were taking place right under their noses.

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I’m excited to be seeing you soon at the INFORMS Healthcare conference. It’s amazing that this specialized conference, offered for the first time, features 13-14 parallel tracks. Congratulations to the organizing committee for putting together such a rich schedule. As part of my preparations for leaving, I was looking over the latest travel news and noticed that a computer glitch at United Airlines had led to the stranding of thousands of passengers.

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INFORMS’ first Blog Challenge was a hit! We received 14 entries on the topic of O.R. and the Holidays. As you might suspect, the travelling salesman problem was noted, with Santa needing to make his marathon delivery to all of the good little girls and boys of O.R. However, the O.R. suggestions for holiday success were not limited to Santa...

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