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The power had gone out in our neighborhood last night in Amherst, Massachusetts at 8PM sharp. We had been expecting that it would, at some time, given the massive size and strength of Hurricane Sandy and had planned and prepared accordingly...

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I got an email recently from John Toczek, an OR professional with Aramark who writes the PuzzlOR column for OR/MS Today):
You ran an article on a contest I created back in 2010 called the Analytics X Competition where contestants were trying to predict where homicides would occur in Philadelphia zip codes...

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In many ways, operations research was the predecessor to today’s analytics. In fact, the society named its magazine Analytics when it launched five years ago. Ahead of the curve? Anne Robinson, Director of Supply Chain Strategy and Analytics for Verizon Wireless as well as President-Elect of INFORMS, discussed that and more with me in a recent interview.

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My mother worked for EPA for almost 20 years, instilling me with a respect for the world around me. The topic of O.R. and the Environment seemed like a natural (weak pun intended) fit. I was struck by the sentence in Patricia Randall’s blog entry, “While I am certain it is possible to include green objectives in a model, I haven’t had a client say ‘Minimize my emissions or my carbon footprint’. Or have I?”

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There has been a lot of buzz about the analytics movement here at INFORMS beginning with the Capgemeini study that was completed last fall. The INFORMS Board of Directors have approved funding to build out the executive forum at the rebranded Analytics Conference, as well as developing certification and continuing education programs.

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A very provocative study, The Ivory Ceiling of Service Work, conducted at my institution, UMass Amherst, by Joya Misra, Jennifer Hickes Lundquist, Elissa Dahlberg Holmes and Stephanie Agiomavritis, is being released today in Academe. The study, based on a survey of 350 faculty, confirmed...

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As my operations-research readers know, analytics has become the word en vogue in the community - the INFORMS Practice conference was recently renamed INFORMS Conference on Business Analytics and Operations Research to reflect this trend, as Mike Trick pointed out in this blog post of his. My non-operations-research readers will be left thinking: what exactly is operations research anyway? Research on operations?

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