April Blog Challenge Results: O.R. and Healthcare ; May’s Blog Challenge: O.R. and Analytics

In preparation for next month’s Healthcare Conference, the theme of the April Blog Challenge was O.R. and Healthcare, and much like the topic itself, our responses were broad. The personal experiences of giving blood or having a baby give an anecdotal need for improvement in how the healthcare system interfaces with the individual. Other blogs cover larger topics such as the pharmaceutical industry and optimizing the location of health services Providers. As usual, our bloggers cover these topics with knowledge and a sense of humor.

The dialog about O.R. and Healthcare has begun here, but we are looking forward to the opportunity to have a larger, face-to-face conversation about healthcare in Montreal. This new INFORMS Healthcare 2011 Conference will bring together researchers and stakeholders to elaborate on current challenges. The meeting will feature the best, most current research in healthcare O.R. and analytics in one highly focused conference. Top-quality presentations by leading researchers and practitioners, selected through a review of extended abstracts, will cover topics such as Capacity and Patient Flow Management; Medical Decision Making; Health Care Supply Chains; Pharmaceutical Applications; and O.R. in Public Health. The conference offers a cross-cultural view of healthcare systems and analysis of operational impacts. There will be structured networking opportunities, including birds-of-a-feather discussion groups and facilitated networking over lunch. We hope you take part of this unique opportunity in Montreal on June 20-22, 2011. For you bloggers and tweeters who are attending, keep us updated with hashtag #healthcare11.

The blog challenge for May is O.R. and Analytics. Please send your entries to graphics@mail.informs.org.

Read our entries to the April Challenge O.R. and Healthcare

April’s Extra Credit goes to David Smith with two entries.


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