December Blog Challenge: O.R. and the Holidays

First INFORMS Tweetup. @mlesz1, @dianam, @wjcook, @johnangelis, @miketrick, @polybot, @SDamask

Sometimes social networking can lead to actual face-to-face networking, and such was the case at the 2010 INFORMS Annual Meeting. INFORMS held its first “TweetUp” at the suggestion of John Angelis, which led to downing some tasty beverages later in the evening.

The discussion centered on blogs, tweets, and other forms of social networking, and how the INFORMS community can make use of these mediums to spread the good word about O.R. Laura McLay facilitated a panel session at the annual meeting about O.R. and social networking; you can read about it on her blog here. As blogging seems to be an INFORMS favorite, we are issuing the following challenge to operations researchers who blog.

Beginning on the first of every month, INFORMS will select a current topic to blog on. Bloggers will have the month to create and post their blogs, notifying INFORMS at when they have posted. At the end of the month, INFORMS will summarize and link to the blogs.

What’s in it for the bloggers? Widespread fame by being listed on the INFORMS home page. Or at least a bump in readers and an increase in standing and influence in the operations research blogosphere.

What’s in it for INFORMS members? Timely, interesting, and varied points of view on how O.R. influences our world.

Have a topic you would like to blog on or read about? Send us the topic. Let the games begin.

Topic for December 2010: O.R. and the Holidays


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