How would you use OR to run an NFL team?

Shahid R. Khan, who has an agreement to buy the Jacksonville Jaguars for $760 million, with his wife, Ann Carlson Khan.

The latest Engineering at Illinois news from my alma mater usually contains stories about faculty and students that more or less have to do with engineering. I was surprised to read that a former IE student and enterpreneur Shahid Khan (BS, 1971) is going to buy the football team the Jacksonville Jaguars (the story from Illinois is here, another story from the NY Times is here).

This is a great story of the American Dream lived to its fullest. Khan emigrated from Pakistan, started a small company that designs truck bumpers, turned his company into an empire (his designs are used on 2/3 of small trucks and SUVs in the United States), and then bought a football team (an American football team).

Even though Khan is more of an IE than an OR person, I can’t help but wonder how he could use OR and manufacturing methodologies to improve operations with the Jacksonville Jaguars. Anyone stuck in traffic on the way to the INFORMS Annual Meeting due to the Carolina Panthers game knows there is room for improvement

Do you know how football operations could be improved?

This is a repost from Laura McLay'sblog, Punk Rock Operations Research.


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