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Today I am pleased to introduce INFORMS members to Kudos, a free web service that provides a new way for researchers to significantly expand the visibility and reach of their published articles.  

Using the Kudos toolkit, authors can explain their work — and its importance — to differentiate it from the 1+ million new research publications added to the web each year.   

Kudos is free to use and only takes a few minutes to get started. We’ve pre-loaded all INFORMS publications to simplify the article claiming process (think Google Scholar simple). Pick one of your recent articles and give it a try! Once you’ve claimed a publication, take a few moments to explain, in plain language, what your article is about, and why it is important, then share your summaries to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, or via email. Then hop over to your author dashboard and measure the fruits of your effort and see which methods work best for you.

Authors using Kudos have seen on average 23% more full-text downloads of their published work!

Check out this short video to get a better sense of how this service will help you get your articles more widely distributed, understood, and shared. Then click over to Kudos and get started today!

Matt Walls
Director of Publications

PS: We’d love to hear your feedback!  Share your experience with @INFORMS.


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