Jan. Blog Challenge – O.R. and Resolutions; Dec. Blog Challenge Results – O.R. and Families

As we head into the holidays, it seems natural for thoughts to turn to families, because good or bad, they add a layer of complexity to our lives that needs to be managed. Not surprisingly, the responses to the O.R. and Families blog challenge presented topics on a variety of issues. From birth rates on a global scale (Capgemini), to planning your immediate family (Marianela Pereira), O.R. can factor in the beginning stages of lives. As the families grow, Tallys Yunes provides an interesting exercise on planning summer camps (I still think he has a future consulting business in that) and Thiago Serra blogs on navigating multiple holiday events. David Smith provides two posts, one on family mottos, and another, lighthearted take on his O.R. ancestors. I was a little surprised that no one mentioned their parents, and the challenges we face as the “sandwich generation,” needing to care for both children and aging relatives, but that, perhaps, is a blog for another day.

Both Anna Nagurney and Laura McLay have blogged on the importance of good academic families. An interesting site for you to check out with regard to math families is the Mathematics Genealogy Project, out of North Dakota State University. Dr. Nagurney also poses an interesting question; will your children be operations researchers?

And, on behalf of your INFORMS family, I would like to take this opportunity to wish you Happy Holidays and a Merry New Year. We are truly lucky to have such an incredibly diverse group of intelligent and witty members to call our own.

2012 is approaching fast, and as you are making your 2012 optimization list, jot it down because the next blog challenge will be O.R. and Resolutions. Please email your entries to socialnetworking@mail.informs.org by January 9, 2012.

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