Jan. Blog Challenge Results – O.R. and Resolutions

We are now two weeks into the New Year, and I’m wondering how many people have already scrapped their resolutions? While the exercise of taking pause and performing a little self-evaluation is a good one, it tends not to be effective without an action plan in place. Here at INFORMS, our Board came up with four main areas to focus on in 2012 – three in the analytics domain and one in IT -- along with a plan to reach those goals. You say “toe-may-to,” I say “toe-mah-to;” you say “resolutions,” I say “strategic goals and priorities.”

So what are these four areas of focus? Certification, Continuing Education, and Outreach under the analytics umbrella, and IT (think online presence).

INFORMS analytics goal is to “be recognized as THE leading association for Advanced Analytics Professionals by advancing the practice, research, methods and applications of advanced analytics, and identifying and serving analytics professionals with products and services they value,” which leads us to certification of analytics professionals. There will be two components required from future Certified Analytics Professionals (CAP) – a resume or portfolio and a test over a body of knowledge. 2012 will be spent developing the test by a task force of subject matter experts, focusing on descriptive, predictive, and especially, prescriptive analytics.

And while continuing education will not be necessary to pass the certification test, INFORMS does feel that this is an important component to provide the analytics community with opportunities for growth. We expect to have a plan for a full continuing education program by year’s end.

Outreach is not a new goal for INFORMS, but one that must be continually pursued. Our membership grew last year for the first time in a decade, and we want to continue that trend. Industry, government, the analyst community, and converting students to regular INFORMS memberships after graduation are all areas we will target to keep the membership numbers trending upwards.

While IT may be a broad focus, INFORMS plans to “develop and support up-to-date online systems that enable and encourage access, collaboration, and effective exchange of information, content, services, and benefits.” In plain English, we are going to focus on online content sharing and social media. We want our members involved in what is going on in the world of OR/MS and analytics and we plan to help facilitate those online conversations.

Like any personal goals, it is easier when you have help. Could you help INFORMS in any of these areas? Consider posting on Susan's List and we will get you connected with the correct committee. In the meantime, read what our bloggers had to say about O.R. and Resolutions.

Next blog challenge will be O.R. and Food. Please email your entries to socialnetworking@mail.informs.org by February 6, 2012.

O.R. and Resolutions


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