May Blog Challenge Results: O.R. and Analytics; Junes’s Blog Challenge: O.R. for Muggles

There has been a lot of buzz about the analytics movement here at INFORMS beginning with the Capgemeini study that was completed last fall. The INFORMS Board of Directors have approved funding to build out the executive forum at the rebranded Analytics Conference, as well as developing certification and continuing education programs. The INFORMS Conference on Business Analytics and Operations Research set unbelievable attendance records. There is now an Analytics Section of INFORMS, and the readership of Analytics Magazine is growing by leaps and bounds. Would you like to offer your two cents? Participate in our online survey about developing a certification program for individuals in the analytics field. We may be onto something here.

Part of the OR/MS challenge (at least from a marketing point of view) has been how to explain/convey/sell operations research to the uninitiated masses. This blog has been one way to learn about different viewpoints, our twitter peeps are getting quite chatty, and there are some great discussions on LinkedIn. But these conversations tend to reach an already involved audience. We’d love to spread the word about OR/MS and analytics to a wider audience. So June’s Blog Challenge (in honor of the upcoming Harry Potter final installment) will be O.R. for Muggles. Please send your entries to

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