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OR-Exchange is a question and answer site on operations research (and analytics). The concept couldn’t be simpler. People ask questions about operations research; people answer questions about operations research. Kinda like the usenet group sci.op-research without the spam.

I put together the site a couple of years ago when stack-exchange made it easy to put such sites on their server. The idea was to mimic the popular mathoverflow site, but to specialize on operations research issues. I had no idea of how well this would work, but it started off pretty active and continued to grow.

About a year ago, stackexchange decided on a different path, and they no longer wanted to host or support other groups. Instead, groups of people could go through a process to become a true stackexchange site. A number of groups have done that, and have done well with that path. Unfortunately, our site was a little small for that direction. Even now, with 381 “official users”, it would be the smallest of any stackexchange site (the current smallest is Jewish Life and Learning with 401 users). The requirements to be a stackexchange site seemed insurmountable, so we needed another solution....
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