Some Google Plussers ‘Hangout in Real Life’ at EURO/INFORMS

“All roads lead to OR”

There is a growing community of OR/MS people on google plus (G+) and it’s a really nice place to interact. Vincent Knight put up a post listing the people who were on G+ and going to this year’s EURO/INFORMS conference in Rome:

Stefano Gualandi suggested meeting for lunch on Wednesday and we very quickly came to a consensus on time and place (you can see that in the above linked G+ post) which was subsequently tweeted by Vincent Knight and re-tweeted very kindly by a couple of people. The end product was about 8 or 9 people agreeing to meet for lunch.

A few people ended up missing the “grand event” but the end product was this photo of (from left to right): +Stefano Gualandi, +Bjarni Kristjansson, +Marco Lübbecke, +Guido Diepen, +Paul Harper and +Vincent Knight. (The post sharing the actual photo with an alternative version is here).

google+ at euro meetup

It was really nice to meet everyone and chat (all but briefly) about the conference and the weather (which is perfect!). Hopefully we’ll all meet again sooner rather than later but in the meantime I’m sure we’ll keep an eye on each other on social media.


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