New Edition of INFORMS Editor’s Cut Turns Focus from Big Data to Streaming Data


Ashley Smith
Public Affairs Coordinator

New Edition of INFORMS Editor’s Cut Turns Focus from Big Data to Streaming Data

The Advantages of Using Real Time Analysis to Solve Problems

CATONSVILLE, MD, January 2, 2020 – Streaming data is gaining in popularity thanks in part to advances in sensing technologies and imaging systems. Advanced analytics has evolved from leveraging structured and unstructured data to deriving insight and action from this new, growing data source. The latest volume of INFORMS Editor’s Cut compiles data-driven work on how streaming analytics is making its mark.

Streaming data is information generated non-stop and in real time using a variety of sources. This Editor’s Cutconsiders this topic and how it relates to quality and reliability, energy and transportation, and data generation, analysis and visualization.

The real time analytics provide unprecedented opportunities to model, monitor, identify and predict initial and critical changes in a process that can be used to find new or different solutions to a wide range of problems. 

Transportation is a significant application area for streaming data. Stream processing can identify data on traffic flow and that data is important for keeping things running smoothly. This information is important to researchers who use it to study traffic flow, system analysts who use it to predict where there could be congestion and investigators who use the data to reconstruct accident scenes. 

One of the 2016 Franz Edelman Award finalists, The New York Police Department, is a prime example of streaming data. They use their Domain Awareness System to deliver information and analytics to officers’ mobile devices and desktops at police stations. The system is a network of sensors, databases, devices, software, and infrastructure that continuously delivers data to the department. 

Other areas that can use this data in real time range from technology to governmental policies and regulations. People in these fields are looking more closely at streaming data analytics to identify and utilize new business solutions.

The online Editor’s Cut resource offers free content gathered from INFORMS, including new scientific research featured in INFORMS’ scholarly journals, content from member magazines, podcasts and media articles. This resource is available to researchers, students, media, industry professionals, and anyone else who wants to learn more about how to analyze and use streaming data. 

Xiao Liu with the Department of Industrial Engineering at the University of Arkansas, Hongyue Sun with the Department of Industrial and Systems Engineering at the University at Buffalo and Lulu Kang with the Department of Applied Mathematics at the Illinois Institute of Technology served as the volume editors for “Harnessing Value through Streaming Data Analytics,” which is available at,



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Ashley Smith