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2014 Edelman Papers in 2015 Interfaces

The Jan/Feb issue of Interfaces is the Edelman Award Special Issue. Read these inspiring examples of major difference-making O.R. projects from the previous year. Free access to abstracts. Subscription required for full text.

2013 Wagner Prize Papers in 2014 Interfaces

The Sept./Oct. issue of Interfaces is the Wagner Prize Special Issue. Read these expertly written accounts of verifiable practice success from the previous year. Free access to abstract. Subscription required for full text.

Apply Operations Research and Analytics

O.R. and Analytics Professionals use specialized tools and techniques to help organizations make better business decisions.

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Apply OR By using techniques such as mathematical modeling to analyze complex situations, operations research and analytics gives executives the power to make more effective decisions and build more productive systems based on more complete data, consideration of all available options, careful predictions of outcomes and estimates of risk, and the latest decision tools and techniques .

To achieve oustanding results, O.R. and analytics professionals draw upon the latest analytical technologies, including:

  • Simulation: Giving you the ability to try out approaches and test ideas for improvement
  • Optimization: Narrowing your choices to the very best when there are virtually innumerable feasible options and comparing them is difficult
  • Probability and Statistics: Helping you measure risk, mine data to find valuable connections and insights, test conclusions, and make reliable forecasts

Tools and Applications A comprehensive guide from our member magazine OR/MS Today to the software, vendors, consultants and publishers serving the operations research, management science and analytics community.

Software Reviews See software reviews from our member magazine OR/MS Today on linear programming, simulation, forecasting, decision analysis, and more to help you choose the right tool.

O.R. Practitioners Find an O.R. or analytics expert or sign up to be listed in Analytics Professional Database.

Research Funding Find opportunities for funded research in OR/MS.

Getting Started With Analytics Website Learn more about operations research and advanced analytics and what it can do for you. Find case studies, videos, white papers, O.R. and analytics experts who can help you, and more.

INFORMS Members may also register to be included in the Analytics Professional Directory -- a one-stop shop for potential clients seeking analytics expertise -- and share your analytics success stories.

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O.R. and analytics experts share their insights on how crunching the numbers changed their organizations. INFORMS Today: The Podcast Series.

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