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INFORMS VP Marco Luebbecke Opines on CNN Online 

Big Data is controversial - is it a plus to society or are we making significant policy errors with our penchant for examining massive amounts of data? A CNN Online op/ed recently faulted Big Data and its role in government. INFORMS VP Marco Luebbecke challenged this reaction. Read both editorials here and join the lively discussion. 

NAE Elects Four INFORMS Members 

INFORMS is always proud of its members who reach the highest ranks of operations research and engineering. INFORMS Board, members, and staff extend their congratulations to four INFORMS members who were elected to the National Academy of Engineering earlier this month: Jonathan Caulkins (Carnegie Mellon), S. Jack Hu (University of Michigan), Michael Todd (Cornell), and David Yao (Columbia). Read more here

O.R. at UPS 

UPS's use of O.R. in its ORION truck fleet system is the subject of an article in The Wall Street Journal, which credits INFORMS members Ranganath Nuggehalli and former INFORMS Vice President Jack Levis. Read more here

Armann Ingolfsson will be stepping down as editor-in-chief of the journal INFORMS Transactions on Education (ITE) on December 31, 2015. The president of INFORMS has appointed a committee to conduct a search for the next editor-in-chief. All members of INFORMS are invited to participate in this process. Further information can be found hereNominations deadline: May 1, 2015.

Preyas S. Desai is completing his second and final term as editor-in-chief of Marketing Science on December 31, 2015. The president of INFORMS has appointed a committee to conduct a search for the next editor-in-chief. All members of INFORMS are invited to participate in this process. Further information can be found hereNominations deadline: April 15, 2015.

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We're happy to have you with us! 2015 is sure to be an important year for INFORMS. Membership is up, meetings are expanding, continuing education is adding new classes, and with certification, INFORMS is more closely associated with the burgeoning analytics movement than ever before. See what INFORMS 2014 and 2015 presidents Steve Robinson and L. Robin Keller have to say about the direction of INFORMS.

John Magee, whose work at the O.R. group at Arthur D. Little Inc. in the late 1940s was a spur to the profession and INFORMS precursor societies, died last year, according to a report that recently reached INFORMS. His early work in marketing science for Sears and his work in logistics for Johnson & Johnson paved a road for future practitioners. His recollection about the early O.R. years at Arthur D. Little appeared in the 50th anniversary edition of Operations ResearchRead an obituary here.

New Feature! President's Pick: Pancreatic Cancer & Counterterrorism

What is the most exciting research being published by INFORMS journals? In a new feature, INFORMS President L. Robin Keller picks her favorite study of the month. She begins with a study that identifies an improbable connection: between biomedical research and counterterrorism. Read her recommendation and join the discussion here.  

Management Science - New Issue

Read the 13 new articles in the January 2015 issue of Management Science. "Management Insights" provides you with a brief overview of all papers in the current issue.   

Information Systems Research - New Issue     

Read the 15 new articles in the December 2014 issue ofInformation Systems Research. Members can subscribeto the 2015 INFORMS PubsOnLine Suite for only $104 to access all journals back to volume 1, issue 1.

Service Science - New Issue      

Read the all-new articles in the December 2014 issue ofService Science. When you renew your membership for 2015 subscribe to all INFORMS 2015 journals for only $104.00.

INFORMS Transactions on Education - New Issue Online      

Read the all-new articles in the December 2014 issue ofINFORMS Transactions on Education, INFORMS open-access journal.

Calls for Papers - Interfaces

Interfaces Special Issue: Operations Research Applications in the Energy Industry 

Operations research can play an important role in the generation, distribution, and consumption of energy. Accordingly, Interfaces is planning a special issue focusing on applications of operations research techniques in the energy industry. Read the Call for PapersSubmission due: July 1, 2015.  

Calls for Papers - Service Science

Service Science Special Issue:

Multi-actor Value Creation in Service Innovation

Collaborative value creation builds on orchestrated social action among the different stakeholders involved. In service innovation, joint value creation calls for specific network leadership and resource integration capabilities, because advanced service entails complex configurations of people, technologies, organizations, and shared information. Hence, mutually beneficial outcomes may be difficult to achieve within such configurations through traditional approaches to innovation. Read the Call for PapersSubmissions due: February 15, 2015.

Service Science Special Issue: In Search of a New Alignment in Service Research    

The editors of two of the top journals in the service area, one from INFORMS' service science community 
and one from IEEE's services computing community; invite you to break out of your disciplinary comfort zone. Parallel special issues have been commissioned to intentionally challenge and disrupt the status quo. This dual special issue is intended to reconcile existing multipronged orientations and approaches to service research. Read the Call for Papers. Submissions due: March 1, 2015.  

Service Science Special Issue: Co-Creating the Customer Service Experience with High Tech and High Touch

In today's highly competitive environment, there is a growing need to provide customers with a truly memorable experience to increase both customer satisfaction and customer loyalty. Customer experience has been operationalized in different ways, such as "memorable events" (Pine and Gilmore 1999) or clues that customers can see, smell, taste, hear, or perceive while interacting with service systems (Berry and Carbone 2007). Today, a customer's experience resulting from the interaction with a service provider requires a combination of high tech and high touch, depending on the type of service and therefore is generally heterogeneous. Read the Call for Papers.  Submissions due: October 15, 2015.

With nearly two months left in the competition, the National Data Science Bowl already has more than 3,000 entries. INFORMS is a proud supporter of this competition to help clean up the world's oceans. The 2014/2015 National Data Science Bowl challenges you to create an image classification algorithm to automatically classify plankton species. This challenge is not easy - there are 100 classes of plankton, the images may contain nonplankton organisms and particles, and the plankton can appear in any orientation within three-dimensional space. The winning algorithms will be used by Hatfield Marine Science Center for simpler, faster population assessment. They represent a $1 million in-kind donation by the data science community! Click here for more details about the competition.  

Congratulations to the Mathematical Association of America, which celebrates its 100th anniversary this year. It is the largest professional society that focuses on mathematics accessible at the undergraduate level. MAA's members include university, college, and high school teachers; graduate and undergraduate students; pure and applied mathematicians; computer scientists; statisticians; and many others in academia, government, business, and industry. Find out about attending the MAA Mathfest August celebration in Washington, DC, and additional events here

September 1-4, Vienna, Austria 
OR2015, the International Annual Conference of the German Operations Research Society (GOR), the Austrian Operations Research Society (ÖGOR), and the Swiss Operations Research Society (ASRO/SVOR) will take place at the University of Vienna.   
The conference topics will cover the scope of operations research, including energy, environment and climate models, financial models, risk management, game theory, experimental economy, healthcare system and bioinformatics, logistics and transportation, supply chain management, project management, multicriteria optimization, and more. For more information click here.