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With nearly two months left in the competition, the National Data Science Bowl already has more than 3,000 entries. INFORMS is a proud supporter of this competition to help clean up the world's oceans. The 2014/2015 National Data Science Bowl challenges you to create an image classification algorithm to automatically classify plankton species. This challenge is not easy - there are 100 classes of plankton, the images may contain nonplankton organisms and particles, and the plankton can appear in any orientation within three-dimensional space. The winning algorithms will be used by Hatfield Marine Science Center for simpler, faster population assessment. They represent a $1 million in-kind donation by the data science community! Click here for more details about the competition.  

Congratulations to the Mathematical Association of America, which celebrates its 100th anniversary this year. It is the largest professional society that focuses on mathematics accessible at the undergraduate level. MAA's members include university, college, and high school teachers; graduate and undergraduate students; pure and applied mathematicians; computer scientists; statisticians; and many others in academia, government, business, and industry. Find out about attending the MAA Mathfest August celebration in Washington, DC, and additional events here

September 1-4, Vienna, Austria 
OR2015, the International Annual Conference of the German Operations Research Society (GOR), the Austrian Operations Research Society (ÖGOR), and the Swiss Operations Research Society (ASRO/SVOR) will take place at the University of Vienna.   
The conference topics will cover the scope of operations research, including energy, environment and climate models, financial models, risk management, game theory, experimental economy, healthcare system and bioinformatics, logistics and transportation, supply chain management, project management, multicriteria optimization, and more. For more information click here.

New Year's Resolution

It's never too late for a New Year's resolution (although if you make in November, it might have a different name). This year, resolve to grow your influence and show others how interested you are in your analytics career. Join the ranks of the following who have become CAPs in the last quarter of 2014. If you see any of them, do add your congratulations to ours.   

Gregory Vincent Michaelson  The Travelers 
Rayan Hafiz  Saudi Aramco 
Joseph E. Krebs   BizCalculus 
Brian Lynch   TD Canada Trust 
Rodney Zwain   The SI Organization  
Stephen McCarty   US Army  
Tyson Silver   Access Midstream Partners
Naveen Divakaran IM Flash Technologies  
Praveen Sasidharan   University of Cincinnati
Thomas Roh   Mayo Clinic
Thomas A. Donnelly   JMP  
Phillip Pettit Snowden Mining Industry Consultants  
Dan Haight   Darkhorse Analytics  
Thomas Alvin Dowdle, Jr.   Cigna-Healthspring
John Garrett   Transamerica
John Poppelaars   ORTEC
Aaron Westcott   J.R. Simplot Co.  
Koen M. Cobbaert PwC Belgium  
Walter Malunga Stanbic Bank  
Michael Elliott Beyer   ENVIRON International Corp.  
Aniruban   Chakraborty Inauctus.com  
Anish Thomas   CEB-SHL
Daniel G. Conway   Loras College
Yumin Chen Transamerica  
Guy Shechter  Philips Healthcare  
Alexander L. Hipolito HP 
Rajan Gupta Inauctus.com  
Abishek Trehan   Inauctus.com 
Angela Rademeyer   OPSI Systems  
Michelle M. Gross   Nike, Inc.  
Aaron Anderson   USDA National Wildlife Res. Ctr.  
Timothy R. Anderson   Portland State University  
David Toledano   GE  
Damian Herrick   Lake Hill Analytics, LLC
Steven Karp   Quantitative Insights  
Antonio Morales   Element Six
Patrick Stewart Sports Authority  
Karthik Paramasivam   ISN
William T. Hodson   Consultant  
Henny Holtman   ORTEC
Nicholas Wzientek   Sports Authority  
Ryan James Miles  AngloGold Ashanti
YoungJung Chan   Merck Sharp & Dohme
Janny M. Y. Leung Chinese University of Hong Kong
Chun-Miin Chen Bucknell University   
Joey Cherdarduk   Darkhorse Analytics 
Marc Rumiano Ward Sports Authority  
Erin Williams   Aruku Analysis
Defne Berkin  DuPont  
Reginald Halstead   Gogo Business Aviation  
Di Wang  IBM
Maciej Bukczynski Darkhorse Analytics  


Although CAP® is available through a computer-based testing format, we continue to host exams at selected sites, especially at the INFORMS conferences such as the upcoming Analytics Conference in Huntington Beach, CA on April 12-14, 2015 and the MORS EPD at George Mason University, Fairfax, VA on March 9-10. 

As always, applications remain open for the ongoing computer-based examinations. Test on your schedule and put CAP® after your name. For more information, see www.informs.org/certification


Join the INFORMS channel of BrightTALK and listen to the live or archived presentations at www.brighttalk.com

December 3, 2014 - Overview and Introduction; presented by Scott Nestler, CAP & Chair of the Analytics Certification Board and Matt Windham, CAP, Director-Analytics at NTEL-X  

December 17, 2014 - Domains 1 (Business Problem Framing) and 2 (Analytics Problem Framing) presented by Frank Stein, IBM  

January 7, 2015 - Domain 3 (Data) Presented by Robert Bordley, Booz Allen Hamilton  

January 21, 2015 - Domain 4 (Methodology (Approach) Selection), presented by Subhashish Samaddar, Georgia State University    

February 4, 2015 - Domains 5 (Model Building), 6 (Deployment) and 7 (Model Lifecycle Management) presented by Alan Taber, Lockheed Martin

(March 9-10): TBD

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  4. On your INFORMS Self-Service Center menu, click "Add/Update Biographical Information and Photograph" (middle of right-hand column).
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All of your member information is stored in an INFORMS member database and is then pulled through an API (application program interface) to populate your profile page on INFORMS Connect. 

"I enjoyed listening to Jon Caulkins' Omega Rho lecture at the INFORMS Annual Meeting. [...] This was an interesting talk about being an OR practitioner and solving real problems. Jon talked about the general principles he uses to influence policies. This involves doing good work, but more importantly, it involves asking good research questions." Read more or watch the video below.

The INFORMS Career Center  

now offers the largest list of O.R./analytics jobs in the industry. Here are just a few of our current job listings:  

Forecasting Analyst, Disney Parks and Resorts. This role within RM&A develops, analyzes, and executes strategies to maximize profitability and improve the value proposition for our Guests, Cast Members, and Shareholders.

Manager, Global Supply Chain Strategy (Test & Respond Analytics). Gap Inc's Supply Chain Strategy team helps to identify, evaluate, and optimize the Gap Inc. Supply Chain by identifying opportunity, improving our processes to operate efficiently and in support of global growth and speed.  

Operations Research Analyst, CNN/Turner Broadcasting Inc. Responsible for providing research, modeling, analysis, and guidance using operations research techniques to develop business solutions that effectively support the business model. 

March 10, 2015, 7:30 PM, College of Business, University of Cincinnati, Fealy Auditorium, Room 112, Carl H. Lindner Hall, free admission.  

Former Management Science editor-in-chief Wally Hopp will speak about "Patient Routing for Cost Effective Care: Lessons from Emergency Medicine and Cardiac Surgery."  

For additional information, click here or contact David Rogers at 513-556-7140 or David.Rogers@uc.edu.

As we head into 2015, INFORMS would like to start a new monthly feature titled, "What's Your StORy?" and begin introducing you to your fellow members. We will highlight one member a month both here in INFORMS Connect, and in OR/MS Today, your membership magazine. We've asked some get to know you questions, with a couple of fun ones thrown in. But feel free to ask them more questions here in the Open Forum. INFORMS Connect is a tool for you, to help you network and collaborate with fellow members. 

So keep your eye out for Kara Tucker, INFORMS marketing content guru, to post our Q&A's. First in the spotlight for January, David Woodruff. Click here to read the interview. 

If you would like to participate in "What's Your StORy?" feel free to send me a message, and we'll get you in the queue. 

Participants of the INFORMS course, Essential Practice Skills for Analytics Professionals, learn practical tools for integrating their analytical skills into real-world problem solving for businesses and other organizations. This popular course provides approaches that can be applied immediately to a wide variety of settings, whether within a participant's own organization or for an external client.         

The course is scheduled for February 26-27, 2015 in San Jose, CA

Please visit our CE website for the most up-to-date course dates and locations.