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This is the call for nominations for the INFORMS Elections to be held in 2015 to elect members of the 2016 Board of Directors.   

Here is a brief review of the nomination and election process. More details are in INFORMS Bylaw 3 and P&P 4.2 and 4.3.   

Each year, a call for nominations of candidates for the following year's INFORMS Board occurs. For this year's elections, the 2016 Board positions to be filled by INFORMS member election are:

  • President-elect
  • Secretary
  • Vice president-International activities
  • Vice president-Marketing, communications, and outreach
  • Vice president-Membership and professional recognition
  • Vice president-Practice activities

The position of vice president-chapters/student chapters/fora is also to be filled, but that position will be filled through election by the Subdivisions Council. 

INFORMS vice presidents are typically elected for a two-year term. The treasurer and secretary positions are also two-year terms, and they are staggered so that in each year not more than one of the two positions has a newly elected person starting a term of office.    

Because these offices involve a significant learning experience, first-term incumbents may be nominated without opposition for a second term for reasons of continuity and stability. This is why one or several positions on the INFORMS ballot may have only a single candidate.    

The president-elect will serve three years: one year as president-elect, one year as president, and one year as past president.      

INFORMS elections are held in the fall, in recent years running from August through the end of September. INFORMS employs a voting process called approval voting. This means that INFORMS members can vote for as many candidates as they think are qualified for a position. According to Bylaw 3:   

"Elections shall be conducted by approval voting, whereby each voter may vote for any number of candidates for an office and the individual elected shall be the one receiving the largest number of votes, except if there are two or more offices to be filled from a common group of candidates, in which case the individuals elected shall be those receiving the largest numbers of votes. A quorum for membership voting is 10 percent of the members eligible to vote."     

If you think that someone, including yourself, would be a good candidate for one of the aforementioned openings, please consider sending your recommendations to the nominating committee chair: 
Stephen M. Robinson  

Dept. of Industrial and Systems Engineering  University of Wisconsin-Madison   

Email: smrobins@wisc.edu   



1513 University Ave, Rm 3015  

Madison, WI 53706-1539, USA


Nominations received by February 1, 2015 will be considered. Nominations received after that date may be considered. The nominating committee is scheduled to report its nominations by February 15, 2015.   

eNews is changing to a monthly schedule starting in January. Expect our next issue the week of January 19. Happy Holidays and Happy New Year from your friends at INFORMS!

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What will be the hot trends and the major changes in analytics in the year ahead? Glenn Wegryn, the president of the INFORMS Analytics Section and the principal at Analytic Impact reveals his top predictions for the year ahead. Listen to his podcast here. Do you agree? Join the discussion on INFORMS Connect and share your views today. Remember to listen to the podcast at https://www.informs.org/podcast.

Management Science - New Issue

Read the 13 new articles in the December 2014 issue ofManagement Science. "Management Insights" provides you with a brief overview of all papers in the current issue.  


Operations Research - New Issue     

Read the 16 new articles in the November-December 2014 issue of Operations Research. Read "In this Issue" which provides a brief overview of all papers in the current issue. Members can subscribe to the 2015 INFORMS PubsOnLine Suite for only $104 to access all 14 journals back to volume 1, issue 1. 

Strategy Science - New Dues Journal Selection         

Select as your 2015 dues journal or ask your institution to subscribe to Strategy Science, our newest journal publishing in 2015. Strategy Science seeks to publish outstanding research directed to the challenges of strategic management in both business and non-business organizations. The journal is also open to a wide variety of underlying disciplinary approaches including economics, operations research, political science, psychology, and sociology.   

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Call for Papers - Interfaces             

Interfaces Special Issue: Operations Research Applications in the Energy Industry      

Operations research can play an important role in the generation, distribution, and consumption of energy. Accordingly, Interfaces is planning a special issue focusing on applications of operations research techniques in the energy industry. Read the Call for PapersSubmission due: July 1, 2015.      

Calls for Papers - Service Science

Service Science Special Issue:

Multi-actor Value Creation in Service Innovation

Collaborative value creation builds on orchestrated social action among the different stakeholders involved. In service innovation, joint value creation calls for specific network leadership and resource integration capabilities, because advanced service entails complex configurations of people, technologies, organizations, and shared information. Hence, mutually beneficial outcomes may be difficult to achieve within such configurations through traditional approaches to innovation. Read the Call for PapersSubmissions due: February 15, 2015.

Service Science Special Issue: In Search of a New Alignment in Service Research    

The editors of two of the top journals in the service area, one from INFORMS' service science community 
and one from IEEE's services computing community; invite you to break out of your disciplinary comfort zone. Parallel special issues have been commissioned to intentionally challenge and disrupt the status quo. This dual special issue is intended to reconcile existing multipronged orientations and approaches to service research. Read the Call for Papers. Submissions due: March 1, 2015.   

Service Science Special Issue: Co-Creating the Customer Service Experience with High Tech and High Touch

In today's highly competitive environment, there is a growing need to provide customers with a truly memorable experience to increase both customer satisfaction and customer loyalty. Customer experience has been operationalized in different ways, such as "memorable events" (Pine and Gilmore 1999) or clues that customers can see, smell, taste, hear, or perceive while interacting with service systems (Berry and Carbone 2007). Today, a customer's experience resulting from the interaction with a service provider requires a combination of high tech and high touch, depending on the type of service and therefore is generally heterogeneous. Read the Call for Papers. Submissions due: October 15, 2015.

As an INFORMS member, you are welcome to submit items about major career news that would interest your fellow INFORMS members. INFORMS welcomes news about:  

  • Major appointments, such as appointments to lead departments, schools, or journals
  • Major awards that highlight you at the top of your profession
  • Book announcements 

Please note: 

  • Announcements should be brief, preferably 2-3 sentences, with a headline, statement of the news, and link to lengthier story, if available
  • Items will be placed on a space-available basis in appropriate INFORMS media such as eNews, INFORMS Connect, and OR/MS Today (at the discretion of the editors)
  • Send your news to INFORMS Communications Director Barry List at barry.list@informs.org.
  • Include "eNews submission" in the subject.
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The Military, Defense, and Security Applications (MDSA) track for the joint Canadian Operational Research Society (CORS)/INFORMS Conference solicits all those interested in chairing sessions and/or presenting papers for this cluster. The conference will be held in Montréal, June 14-17, 2015 - see the conference Web page. This venue offers a great opportunity to both present your work and learn about the latest developments in all fields of O.R., and to network with other Canadian, American, and international operations researchers and analytics partners. Please contact as soon as possible either U.S. co-chair, Greg Parlier (gparlier@knology.net), or Canadian co-chair, Rene Seguin (rene.seguin@forces.gc.ca) if you are interested in participating in the MDSA track. The deadline for submissions is January 16, 2015.

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The Daniel H. Wagner Prize for Excellence in Operations Research Practice emphasizes the quality and coherence of analysis used in practice. Dr. Wagner strove for strong mathematics applied to practical problems, supported by clear and intelligible writing. This prize recognizes those principles by emphasizing good writing, strong analytical content, and verifiable practice successes.


We are happy to note that the CAP® question bank now has copyright protection through the Library of Congress. Before you run down to pull a copy of the questions, be assured there is a secure copyright provision for item banks such that a deposit of the contents is not necessary. You will, however, see a copy of the CAP® Study Guide and the Candidate Handbook as soon as they are accessioned; both of these also have copyright protection.   


Although CAP® is available through a computer-based testing format, we continue to host exams at selected sites, especially at the INFORMS conferences such as the upcoming 2015 INFORMS Conference on Business Analytics & Operations Research in Huntington Beach, CA, on April 12-14, 2015.  

As always, applications remain open for the ongoing computer based examinations. Put the test on your schedule and put CAP® after your name. For more information, see www.informs.org/certification.      


Join the INFORMS channel of BrightTALK and listen to the live or archived presentations here. 

December 3, 2014 - Overview and Introduction presented by Scott Nestler, CAP® and Chair, Analytics Certification Board and Matt Windham, CAP®, Director, Analytics at NTEL-X      

December 17, 2014 - Domains 1 (Business Problem Framing) and 2 (Analytics Problem Framing)
presented by Frank Stein, CAP®, Director, Analytics Solutions Center, IBM's Washington Office      

January 7, 2015 - Domain 3 (Data) presented by Robert Bordley, Booz Allen Hamilton     

January 21, 2015 - Domain 4 (Methodology (Approach) Selection)     

February 4, 2015 - Domains 5 (Model Building), 6 (Deployment), and 7 (Model Lifecycle Management)


Year-end Review   

At this time of year, it seems normal to reflect on what you've done over the past year; the CAP® program is no different.  In this, the second year of the program, we've done a few notable things (like the aforementioned copyright and the move to computer-based testing) and we've seen people take note. For instance, CIO Magazine listed CAP® as one of the 11 big data certifications that will pay off. CAP® is now listed on the U.S Department of Labor CareerOneStop site.  

During the recent CAP® reception, held during the INFORMS Annual Meeting in San Francisco, we started a list of those companies that use CAP® as part of their internal processes, have "CAP® preferred" or "CAP®required" in job postings. Currently, we can point to Booz Allen Hamilton, GM, FedEx, Macy's, Quintiles, and Ernst & Young.  

We've also been tracking participation by firms in the Fortune 100 and are happy to report that almost 20% of those companies have at least ONE CAP® on staff.  Have you seen other mentions? Let us know at certification@informs.org.