INFORMS Publications Announcements

Interfaces: INFORMS Next Full-Text HTML Journal
Interfaces joins Organization Science as our two 2012 journals in full-text. Readers now have more flexibility when accessing their 2012 journal articles. From the full-text XML article and its HTML view, readers can more easily navigate articles, view and resize figures, tables, and images, access supplementary content, and find related research data.

Service Science Is Under Construction
The new INFORMS publication site for Service Science is on schedule for its first issue in March. In the meantime the new submission system is up and running. Go to Service Science website to learn more about the journal and its resources and for information on submitting a paper to the journal. The first issue of INFORMS publication of Service Science is scheduled to be released March 23, 2012.

Management Science - Special Issue
Read the 15 new articles in the February 2012 second Special Issue on Behavioral Economics and Finance (Part 2 of 2). Management Insights provides you with a brief overview of all these new articles. Subscribe to INFORMS 2012 PubsOnLine Suite for only $99 and get access to all 13 journals back to volume 1, issue 1.

"Beyond the Glass Ceiling: Does Gender Matter?"
"Does the Rolodex Matter? Corporate Elite's Small World and the Effectiveness of Boards of Directors"
"Market Madness? The Case of Mad Money"

Interfaces - Special Issue
This special issue of Interfaces, 2011 Franz Edelman Award for Achievement in Operations Research and the Management Sciences, is devoted to the finalists of the 40th annual competition.
The January/February 2012 issue includes six feature articles from the finalists as well as Presentation Videos. Read about the competition and the finalists in the Special Issue Introduction. This issue is also the first in full-text XML. This new format allows for faster viewing and improved accessibility on portable and handheld devices.

"A Strategic Empty Container Logistics Optimization in a Major Shipping Company"
"System Dynamics Transforms Fluor Project and Change Management"
"Branch Reconfiguration Practice Through Operations Research in Industrial and Commercial Bank of China"
"Retail Price Optimization at InterContinental Hotels Group"
"MISO Unlocks Billions in Savings Through the Application of Operations Research for Energy and Ancillary Services Markets"
"Tax Collections Optimization for New York State"

Mathematics of Operations Research - New Issue
Read the 11 new articles published online in the February 2012 issue of Mathematics of Operations Research. Go to the Publications site for updates on all INFORMS publications.

"Random Walks on Polytopes and an Affine Interior Point Method for Linear Programming"
"Queues with Many Servers and Impatient Customers"
"Optimal Symmetric Rendezvous Search on Three Locations"
"Strategy for Quickest Second Meeting of Two Agents in Two Locations"

INFORMS Journal on Computing - New Issue
Read the 13 new papers featured in the Winter 2012 issue of INFORMS Journal on Computing. Go to the IPOL Portal to access all new INFORMS journal issues and publications news.

"Exact Solution of Graph Coloring Problems via Constraint Programming and Column Generation"
"Shilling Attack Detection - A New Approach for a Trustworthy Recommender System"
"A Time Bucket Formulation for the Traveling Salesman Problem with Time Windows"

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