From M&SOM Journal Editor

1. This is the first year for M&SOM to be on the Financial Times Top 50 journal list.

2. As of December 24, 2017, we have received 449 original submissions.  This record confirms the continued support from OM scholars from North America, Asia, Europe, and elsewhere.  We continued to receive more submissions in the area of healthcare operations (15%), empirical OM (15%), and innovative operations (20%).  More importantly, I wish to emphasize the fact that M&SOM embraces all research methods including OR-based/economic-based analytical methods, empirical methods, behavioral experiments, etc.

MSOM Submissions

3. In June, 2017, Jérémie Gallien (LBS) and the academic and practitioner judge panels launched the Biennial Practice-Based Research Competition with great success.

4. In November, 2017, Gad Allon (Wharton) and the committee members from MSOM and Cianiao (Alibaba’s logistics arm) launched the first Data-Driven Research Challenge co-sponsored by Cianiao. 

5. In 2017, M&SOM has supported three special issues:

  • People-Centric Operations – co-edited by Guillaume Roels (INSEAD) and Bradley Staats (UNC)
  • Sharing Economy and Innovative Marketplaces – co-edited by Saif Benjafaar (Minnesota) and Ming Hu (Toronto)
  • Responsible Operations and Supply Chain Management M– co-edited by Vinayak Deshpande (UNC) and Jayashankar Swaminathan (UNC)

6. Beginning from 2018, the journal of M&SOM will get a modern cover design so that all INFORMS journals have a common look and feel.  To launch a new era, I worked with Mary Leszczynski of INFORMS to settle on a new design that is based on my understanding about M&SOM:  

  • Color themeRed represents our “enthusiasm”, “passion", “confidence” about research, and Green represents “freshness”, “sustainability”, "growth", etc.
  • Chad graphics – The embedded nodes and arrows represent "process" and "flows" (materials, information, and financial) that capture the underlying theme for most OM research. 

These achievements would not have been possible without the support from the authors, the reviewers, our editorial board members, our special issue editors, our guest editors, and our managing editor (Fran Moskwa) and various INFORMS staff members (Mary Leszczynski, Toni Riley, Matt Walls, and Meaghan White). 

With your support, M&SOM will continue to serve as a preferred OM research outlet for articles that are innovative, relevant, and rigorous.

Management research journal editors, practitioners, and even researchers lamented that most management articles are filled with rigorous analysis but they lack innovative ideas that can challenge the way researchers think and/or change the way practitioners act. Without innovative research ideas to spark the interest of researchers and practitioners, our research community cannot grow and the impact of our research will be limited.

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Many organizations (police departments, non-profit healthcare organizations, etc.) and corporations (airlines, banks, hotels, manufacturers, etc.) embrace Business analytics (BA) to conduct exploratory, descriptive, predictive, and prescriptive analysis. At the same time, universities developed BA degree programs, INFORMS developed BA certification programs, and researchers developed new techniques (machine learning, deep learning, etc.) to gain insight and drive business planning.

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Happy New Year! Starting January 1, 2017, the M&SOM journal is on the Financial Times Top 50 journal list.

M&SOM achieved new heights in 2016. First, the number of original submissions hit a new record. We received 460 original submissions as of December 10, 2016. In addition to United States and Canada, we have received more submissions from Asia and Europe. Also, we have received more submissions in the area of healthcare operations, empirical OM, and innovative operations.

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Due to the support of our community (authors, reviewers, and editorial board members), the journal of M&SOM has continued to improve. Since we launched the general two-round policy in January 2015, we have observed more paper submissions, shorter review cycle time, and fewer review cycles. At the same time, the impact factor, 5-year impact factor, and article influence score of M&SOM have continued to increase. Finally, in July 2016, we received the great news that Financial Times decided to include M&SOM on the FT 50 journal list beginning January 2017.

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We strive to do innovative research that has impact, not only in terms of opening pathways to other researchers but also in terms of how it affects practice and gets appreciation from the broader research community. Identifying innovative and impactful research ideas can be easier if one has an eye on the dynamics of what is relevant in the business world. In this blogpost, we aim to highlight an opportunity to do innovative and potentially impactful operations management research in a particular research field, sustainability.

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Authors (including myself) often receive comments from reviewers that their papers have incremental value. Knowing breakthroughs in any academic field are rare events, I often wonder if papers with incremental value are publishable especially when the measure of incremental value is somewhat subjective. Should we (as a research community) advocate incremental research?

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This article has appeared as an Alliance for Research on Corporate Sustainability blog post (Please see the original article at and will be published by Huffington Post as well.

We believe that the OM community will have a lot to contribute to the development and the advancement of the circular economy concept, and hope that this will initiate ideas for new OM research on the topic.

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Over the last 20 years, two surprising trends in top OM research journals have emerged:

1) The length of reviewers’ reports are getting longer; and

2) The tone of the reviewers’ reports are getting more negative.

However, it does not have to be this way. These trends are not prevalent in engineering (except Industrial Engineering), Marketing, Economics, etc. Our community is comprised of friendly colleagues who are social and caring. Ask someone for help on a paper at a conference and you’ll likely get thoughtful well-meaning advice. However, when it becomes a review, something changes. Why is this happening?

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On June 21, 2016, we got the official news from Financial Times (FT) that FT has decided to include M&SOM on the FT 50 journal list starting January 2017! Based on the information provided by FT, M&SOM was selected from 9 out of 150 journals nominated by over 140 business schools around the world (two-thirds of invited participating schools).

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