From M&SOM Journal Editor

The INFORMS board of directors has approved our request to make M&SOM a bi-monthly journal beginning January 2020! With 50% more extra capacity, we can attract more submissions, publish more high quality papers, and support our ever-growing OM community!

As I reflect upon this great news, I can still remember my plan for the journal “The Past, Present, and Future of Manufacturing & Service Operations Management,” Also, my aspiration was to make M&SOM to become a premiere journal in OM just like Marketing Science in the marketing area.

With the support of the search committee and the INFORMS board, I have been given the honor to serve as editor of M&SOM since January 2015. Many research colleagues congratulated me. At the same time, many told me that it is impossible for M&SOM to come even close to Marketing Science in terms of the following:
(a) Number of submissions (because marketing is a bigger research community);

(b) Impact factor (because marketing professors know how to promote their research); and

(c) Visibility (because Marketing Science was established 10 years earlier than M&SOM).

Knowing this is a daunting task and knowing that I am not a quitter, I have asked everyone for help in every single possible way. With the support I received from you (colleagues, authors, reviewers, associate editors, department editors, former editors, managing editor), INFORMS board members, INFORMS VP publication, INFORMS publication director, INFORMS staff members, department heads, associate deans, and deans, we have made impossible possible together as follows:

(a) Number of submissions—The submission rate of M&SOM is comparable with Marketing Science.


(b) Impact factor—M&SOM’s impact factor is comparable with Marketing Science.


(c) Visibility—Like Marketing Science, M&SOM is on the Financial Times top 50 journal list since January 2017.

As M&SOM becomes bimonthly in 2020, M&SOM has the same characteristics as Marketing Science. We have made impossible possible together! Thank you!

In the Manufacturing & Service Operations Management (M&SOM) editor’s column, “Renewing my Commitment to the OM Research Community,” Chris Tang highlighted that M&SOM embraces innovative and relevant operations management (OM) research topics and different research methods (analytical, empirical, behavioral, experimental, field-based, etc.). Although some methods have frequently graced the pages of the journal, others, such as field experiments, are less common. In an effort to support the mission of the journal and facilitate future research, we are working on an article on field experiments in operations management. The goal of the article is to provide an overview of the mechanics of running field experiments, to identify challenges that may arise, and to offer thoughts on areas in need of exploration. Through this post, we would like to request your feedback from your own attempts to conduct field experiments.

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As Manufacturing & Service Operations Management (M&SOM) nears 20 years of publication history, it is an appropriate time to reflect upon its achievements. This paper is a retrospective look at nearly 20 years of publication output of M&SOM using citation analysis. A search in Scopus was made in September 2017 to extract all published materials from Manufacturing & Service Operations Management journal for ‘all years’. This resulted in the collection of 623 documents, of which 560 were journal articles - the data for this study. The rest of the documents (e.g. book reviews) were discarded. We collected all the metadata that were available in Scopus for download which included all bibliometric data, such as authors, publication year, title, abstract, cited references, and so on. In this blog, we will mainly focus on the 2,564 author keywords and 6,599 index keywords in order to disclose the trends. Based on the observation, we will then provide some implications for M&SOM and its readership and for the general manufacturing and service operations management literature.

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Happy New Year! Thank you for your continued support of Manufacturing & Service Operations Management (i.e., the M&SOM journal). I wish to report some of the highlights for the year of 2017.

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Management research journal editors, practitioners, and even researchers lamented that most management articles are filled with rigorous analysis but they lack innovative ideas that can challenge the way researchers think and/or change the way practitioners act. Without innovative research ideas to spark the interest of researchers and practitioners, our research community cannot grow and the impact of our research will be limited.

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Many organizations (police departments, non-profit healthcare organizations, etc.) and corporations (airlines, banks, hotels, manufacturers, etc.) embrace Business analytics (BA) to conduct exploratory, descriptive, predictive, and prescriptive analysis. At the same time, universities developed BA degree programs, INFORMS developed BA certification programs, and researchers developed new techniques (machine learning, deep learning, etc.) to gain insight and drive business planning.

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Happy New Year! Starting January 1, 2017, the M&SOM journal is on the Financial Times Top 50 journal list.

M&SOM achieved new heights in 2016. First, the number of original submissions hit a new record. We received 460 original submissions as of December 10, 2016. In addition to United States and Canada, we have received more submissions from Asia and Europe. Also, we have received more submissions in the area of healthcare operations, empirical OM, and innovative operations.

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Due to the support of our community (authors, reviewers, and editorial board members), the journal of M&SOM has continued to improve. Since we launched the general two-round policy in January 2015, we have observed more paper submissions, shorter review cycle time, and fewer review cycles. At the same time, the impact factor, 5-year impact factor, and article influence score of M&SOM have continued to increase. Finally, in July 2016, we received the great news that Financial Times decided to include M&SOM on the FT 50 journal list beginning January 2017.

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