Giving Thanks during Thanksgiving

As the outgoing editor of the journal of Manufacturing and Service Operations Management (M&SOM), I write my last communication during Thanksgiving to give thanks to many people who have advised me, supported me and helped me throughout the last 6 years.  I am forever grateful to everyone!  

Despite the pandemic, I am thankful for the support provided by our Operations Management (OM) research community (authors, reviewers, associate editors, department editors, guest editors, and other guest editors of various special issues) and by the INFORMS office (Fran Moskwa (managing editor), Matt Walls (director of publications) and Cole Smith (VP of publications)).  Their unwavering support has made many impossible goals possible!

  1. New submission record: M&SOM received more than 600 submissions for the first time!  We still have one more month to go!
    MSOM Submissions 2020
  2. New Impact factor record: M&SOM received the highest impact factor of 4.28 — a new record in 21 years!
    MSOM Impact Factor Trend
  3. New milestones: M&SOM is on the Financial Times top 50 journal list since 2017, and M&SOM has expanded from a quarterly journal to a bi-monthly journal since 2020.
  4. New recognitions: M&SOM is ranked  A* (highest rank) since 2019 by the Australian Business Deans Council (ABDC) and is ranked A (highest rank) since 2020 by the Federation of Management Societies (FMS) of China.  Thanks to all review panel members for their support and recognition of M&SOM in Australia, China, and New Zealand. 
  5. New initiatives: M&SOM has launched the M&SOM practice-based research competition since 2017 — thanks to Jeremie Gallien of London Business School for his leadership.  Also, since 2018, M&SOM has launched various data-driven research competitions, thanks to Dennis Zhang of Wash University, Max Shen of University of California–Berkeley, and Yugang Yu of University of Science and Technology of China for connecting me with Cainiao of Alibaba,, and RRS of Haier.  Without their tireless efforts, these initiatives would not be possible! 

Last but not least, I am grateful to all former editors of M&SOM who laid the solid foundation for me, and equally grateful to our incoming editor Georgia Perakis of MIT for taking M&SOM to greater heights!

It has been a privilege for me to get the opportunity to serve M&SOM with so many friends and colleagues around the world.  I am forever grateful to all of you!

Through our collaborations and mutual respect, our OM community has become bigger and stronger over the years, and I know it will continue to thrive!  

Thank you and Happy Thanksgiving!  



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