Making Impossible Possible Together, Again!

While our lives have been upended in so many ways by the coronavirus Covid-19, there is something that our OM research community should be proud of.

  1. Impact Factor.  The Impact Factor of M&SOM has increased from 2.667 to 4.281 (a new record).  See chart below (data provided by Tinglong Dai of Johns Hopkins University).
    MSOM Impact Factor Trend
  2. Preferred Choice.  More OM researchers from top institutes (worldwide) are now submitting their papers to M&SOM as their first choice.
  3. Visibility.  More M&SOM papers are now cited by researchers in other disciplines including economics, marketing, and healthcare.  Also, more M&SOM papers received awards and media citations.  
  4. Recognition.  M&SOM is on the FT top 50 management journals list since 2017 and it is on the UT Dallas Journal list since inception.
  5. Input and Output.  The submission rate of M&SOM continues to rise.  To meet this increase, M&SOM is a bi-monthly journal.  Our acceptance rate is around 14%, which is on-par with Marketing Science (our sister journal).

Together, we have made impossible possible, again!   Thank you for your continued support of M&SOM!  


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