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Whether you are searching for a job or internship in the O.R. and analytics field, looking for the right candidate to fill a position, or just looking for more information on the profession in general, INFORMS career development opportunities can help.

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business executive INFORMS Career Center (ICC)

Free to members to view the newest listings, post resumes, and access the resource pages, the feature-rich INFORMS Career Center (ICC) conveniently and efficiently matches qualified applicants with employers in the O.R. and analytics field. Meet face-to-face with employers and applicants each fall at our INFORMS Annual Meeting Job Fair and in the spring at our Analytics Conference job fair, or conduct your interviews over the phone or by email. Employers pay a fee to post ads but member-employers receive a substantial discount.

Considering a Career in Analytics/Operations Reasearch?

What is it? What is it used for? This website is a great resource for students interested in the analytics field. Find out how analytics/O.R. is used in the real world and what educational background is necessary to pursue a career in analytics.

Find an Analytics Consultant Directory

This Directory gives O.R. and analytics consultants a direct way of reaching C-level executives who are learning about O.R. and analytics for the first time.

Additional Career Links

Pursue Continuing Ed and Analytics Certification

INFORMS is committed to supporting the lifelong learning of analytics and operations research professionals. If you are interested in pursuing Analytics Certification or taking Continuing Education classes, INFORMS is here to provide you with the resources to advance your career. 
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