ORMS Educational Programs


This site contains links to educational programs in Operations Research and the Management Sciences.

  • Although we try to include every program that we find out about, we do not claim that the lists are complete.
  • Listings are separated based on whether the institution is inside or outside the U.S.
  • Three versions of U.S. list are available: sorted by institution name, by state, or by type of program; Two versions of the list of programs outside the U.S. are available: sorted by institution name and sorted by country.

This page gives further information about this site and where the listings come from. To begin looking at the lists immediately, use the text menu above.

About the Listings

Our goal is to list any program that offers a good environment for students to study one or more OR/MS areas. This typically requires a degree program in an OR/MS field, a significant track in an ORMS related area, or several professors engaged in active research in OR/MS.

If you're looking for an introduction to OR/MS, you might want to try the the INFORMS OR/MS Resource Collection site (especially J. E. Beasley's OR-Notes), the INFORMS Career FAQ's, or just check to see if your local university or college offers any introductory courses.

For the listings by type of program, programs are classified as being based in "business" or "engineering/mathematics/computer science". We recognize that this categorization is not always easy (some programs are cross-listed), but we feel that these listings may be helpful for some people.


Our objective in this section is to provide rankings of OR programs / Universities in the U.S. and abroad based on different criteria.

History and Acknowledgments

This site was created in February 2001 for the INFORMS Student Union, and is based on an earlier site created by the INFORMS Education Committee. The original lists of programs came largely from that site. Some additional programs were found through Michael Trick's Operations Research Page. Since that time, numerous individuals have emailed additions and updates. Thanks to all of you.


Analytics Degree Programs

This list includes enrollment dates, duration, and the tuition as listed on the university websites. (Tuition is a moving target and so the numbers may be lower than actual)

Programs come in three major flavors: analytics degrees proper, other kinds of degrees (math, statistics, etc) with analytics as a concentration, MBA degrees with business analytics tracks. Some schools take multiple approaches.