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Members and others interested in becoming a Certified Analytics Professional (CAP®) make plans now to take the profession's first general analytics certification exam. Attaining the CAP credential requires not only successful completion of the CAP exam, but also adherence to the CAP code of ethics, effective mastering of "soft skills," and meeting eligibility requirements for experience and education.

See CAP® Exam Schedule for details and exam opportunities.

Cost of Certification

  • $495 – individual INFORMS members (exam fee only;  additional $100 application fee waived for members)
  • $695 – individual non-members (comprised of $595 exam fee plus $100 application fee)
  • Bundled rates with INFORMS meetings are also available.  Contact INFORMS for more information.

Benefits of Certification

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Benefits include:

  • Advances your career potential by setting you apart from the competition
  • Drives personal satisfaction of accomplishing a key career milestone
  • Helps improve your overall job performance by stressing continuing professional development
  • Recognizes that you have invested in your analytics career by pursuing this rigorous credential
  • Boosts your salary potential by being viewed as experienced analytics professional
  • Shows competence in the principles and practice of analytics
  • Demonstrates commitment to the field
  • Proves to stakeholders that your organization follows industry-standard analytics practice


  • BA/BS or MA/MS degree
  • At least five years of analytics work-related experience for BA/BS holder in a related area, or
  • At least three years of analytics work-related experience for MA/MS (or higher) holder in a related area, or
  • At least seven years of analytics work-related experience for BA/BS (or higher) holder in an unrelated area
  • Verification of soft skills/provision of business value by employer


For more information about the CAP® program and its policies, please contact us:

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Free CAP® Certification Webinar

View our on-demand informational webinar that will tell you everything you need to know to apply, prepare, and benefit from your CAP® certification.

How Will Certification Impact Your Career?

How will analytics certification impact your career?
Candid comments from current CAPs underscore why they did it, how they prepared, and what it means to their career.

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Upcoming 2014 Exam Dates

  April 15, 2014 – Toronto
9 am – 12 noon
Queens University School of Business
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
  April 29, 2014 – Lexington, VA
9 am – 12 noon
MORS Educational & Professional Colloquium (EPD)
Virginia Military Institute
Lexington, VA
  May 17, 2014 – Baltimore 
9 am – 12 noon
INFORMS Headquarters
Catonsville, MD 21228
  May 22, 2014 – Cincinnati 
9 am – 12 noon
University of Cincinnati
Lindner College of Business
Cincinnati, OH
  June 21, 2014 – San Jose, CA 
9 am – 12 noon
Precedes INFORMS Conference on The Business of Big Data, June 22-24
San Jose, CA

 Applications now being accepted

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Candidate Handbook

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Analytics Certification Board

Chair: Scott Nestler, PhD, CAP, U.S. Army
Vice Chair: Polly Mitchell-Guthrie, SAS
Tom Davenport, PhD, Babson College
Bill Franks, Teradata
Jeanne Harris, Accenture
Terry Harrison, PhD, CAP, Penn State University
Lisa Kart, CAP, Gartner
Kathy Kilmer, Disney
Don Kleinmuntz, PhD, Kleinmuntz Associates
Jack Levis, UPS
Paul Messinger, PhD, CAP, University of Alberta
Jonathan Owen, PhD, General Motors
Melissa Moore, INFORMS Exec. Director