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Intensive, In-Person Two-day Courses for Analytics Professionals

Real take-away value: skills, tools and methods you can implement immediately in your work.

INFORMS offers a continuing education program designed for analytics professionals. Four courses are currently offered, with more to come.

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arrow Essential Practice Skills for Analytics Professionals

The essential tools for solving real-world problems in businesses and other organizations. Drawing on best practices from the field, this course helps analytics professionals add value from beginning to end: listening to clients, framing the central problem, scoping a project, defining metrics for success, creating a work plan, assembling data and expert sources, selecting modeling approaches, validating and verifying analytical results, communicating and presenting results to clients, driving organizational change, and assessing impact.
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arrow Data Exploration & Visualization

Hands-on training that focuses on the critical steps in the process of analyzing data: accessing and extracting data, cleaning and preparing data, exploring and visualizing data. The course will use several of the most popular software tools intensively, and provide an overview of the range of software options.
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arrow Foundations of Modern Predictive Analytics

Modern predictive analytics, the science of discovering and exploiting complex data relationships, has rapidly changed in recent years, especially in today's businesses. This course will give participants hands-on practice in handling real data types, real business problems and practical methods for delivering business-useful results.
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arrow Introduction to Monte Carlo and Discrete-Event Simulation

Learn to identify real-world problem types appropriate for simulation, and develop skills and intuition for applying Monte Carlo and discrete-event simulation techniques.
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INFORMS is the world’s largest organization for advanced analytics professionals, focused on providing data analytics and operations research information, training and best practices to its members and the industry at large. INFORMS’ members provide best-in-class resources, including analytics models, methodologies and certification best practices that are leveraged by companies globally.

INFORMS Continuing Education courses cover skills that are vital for analytics professionals and are designed with them in mind. Our goal is to offer courses that will enhance or update skills, introduce new concepts, and ultimately assist with career advancement goals. Several of the courses use popular commercial software, but these are not software training courses. The focus is on understanding the underlying methodology and mindset of how to approach and handle data. Once you leave our intensive, two-day classroom courses you will have the skills, tools and methods you can immediately use to help make your projects a success.

CE education

INFORMS continuing education courses are not mandatory for the Certified Analytics Professional designation but can be used for certification maintenance

Students are saying...

"Essential Practice Skills provided a two day course of instruction on "soft skills" not commonly taught in academic programs: client interaction, problem-structuring, problem decomposition, qualitative methodology, developing work plans, managing work, validating findings, and sculpting communication of results. I found deep insights and structured processes that can be directly applied to my current practice. Highly recommended."

- Thomas W. Chesnutt, CAP™, A & N Technical Services, Inc.


"Great course! I learned how to gain valuable insights through data exploration and visualization. Not just a tools or techniques class, rather the instructors bring their wealth of experiences in big data visualization and analytics to show how to analyze and utilize powerful visualization approaches in a wide variety of situations."

- Dr. Frank Armour, American University