INFORMS Continuing Education

INFORMS Continuing Education for Analytics Professionals

Real take-away value: skills, tools and methods you can implement immediately in your work.

INFORMS offers a continuing education program designed for analytics professionals. Two courses are currently offered, with more to come in 2014.

INFORMS Continuing Education

Intensive, In-Person Two-day Courses


arrow Essential Practice Skills for Analytics Professionals – The essential tools for solving real-world problems in businesses and other organizations. Drawing on best practices from the field, this course helps analytics professionals add value from beginning to end: listening to clients, framing the central problem, scoping a project, defining metrics for success, creating a work plan, assembling data and expert sources, selecting modeling approaches, validating and verifying analytical results, communicating and presenting results to clients, driving organizational change, and assessing impact. (More info...)

Upcoming Classes

arrow Data Exploration & Visualization – hands-on training that focuses on the critical steps in the process of analyzing data: accessing and extracting data, cleaning and preparing data, exploring and visualizing data. The course will use several of the most popular software tools intensively, and provide an overview of the range of software options. (More info...)

Upcoming Classes

For information:

Thedra White
Continuing Education Program Manager
1-443-757-3570; 1-800-446-3676

INFORMS Continuing Ed

INFORMS continuing education courses are not mandatory for the Certified Analytics Professional designation but can be used for certification maintenance