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INFORMS Prize Winners

A number of winners of major INFORMS prizes have either been Applied Probability Society members or have done a significant amount of their most important work within the applied probability domain. Below are a list of such individuals who have won either the von Neumann Prize or the Lanchester Prize, as well as a list of INFORMS fellows.

von Neuman Prize

2010 Peter W. Glynn and Soren Asmussen
2008 Frank P. Kelly
2007 Arthur F. Veinott
2004 J. Michael Harrison
2002 Cyrus Derman and Don Iglehart
2001 Ward Whitt
1997 Peter Whittle
1994 Lajos Takacs
1991 Richard E. Barlow and Frank Proschan
1987 Samuel Karlin
1979 David Blackwell
1977 Felix Pollaczek

Lanchester Prize

2008 Lawrence M. Wein
2006 Paul Glasserman
2003 Ward Whitt
2001 J. Michael Harrison
1997 Joseph Abate, Gagan L. Choudhury,
Kin K. Leung, David M. Lucantoni and Ward Whitt
(Honorable Mention)
1996 George Fishman
1995 Martin Puterman
1991 Frank P. Kelly
1989 Jean Walrand
1986 Peter Whittle
1976 Leonard Kleinrock


Kenneth Arrow
Richard Barlow
David Blackwell
Erhan Cinlar
Jim Dai
Ralph Disney
George Fishman
Donald Gaver
Paul Glasserman
Peter Glynn
Donald Gross
Y.C. Ho
Ronald Howard
Donald Iglehart
Samuel Karlin
Leonard Kleinrock
Richard Larson
John D.C. Little
Bill Massey
Felix Pollaczek
Frank Proschan
Marty Puterman
Martin Reiman
Uriel Rothblum
Herbert Scarf
Lee Schruben
Robert Smith
Shaler Stidham
Lajos Takacs
Arthur Veinott
Ruth Williams
Ward Whitt
Peter Whittle

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