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  • 2017 Innovative Applications in Analytics Award

    Implementations that span applications of descriptive, predictive or prescriptive analytics, as well as data creation, collection and dissemination which support or enable novel analytical methods, can be submitted for the 2017 Innovative Applications in Analytics Award.

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  • Syngenta Crop Challenge

    Humanity is facing its toughest challenge. Every day, our planet wakes with 200,000 more mouths to feed. Every night, more than 870 million people go to bed hungry. The need to produce more food is already acute, and the world's land, water and energy resources are under unprecedented strain.
    As world population increases and the percentage of land devoted to agriculture decreases it becomes vital to improve the productivity of the agricultural land. Companies like Syngenta strive to improve varieties of their crops to meet this need. 
    Joseph Byrum of Syngenta, the winner of the INFORMS Franz Edelman award, donated his prize to INFORMS to further idea creation. In the spirit of such, INFORMS is excited to announce the Syngenta Crop Challenge.
    Using soil property data, weather data and seed variety test data, participants are challenged to develop a model to predict what varieties farmers should plant next year to maximize yield.

    For more information please click on the following link.

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  • Finalists Announced: 2015 IAAA

    Please join us in congratulating the finalists of the 2015 Innovative Applications in Analytics Award (IAAA) sponsored by Analytics section. After a 2 month long verification process the judging committee chaired by Pooja Dewan from BNSF, has shortlisted these 3 finalists. All 3 finalists will be presenting their projects at the INFORMS Analytics Conference at Huntington Beach, CA in April. The list of finalists in submission order.  

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  • 2015 Innovative Applications in Analytics Award

    The purpose of the Innovative Applications in Analytics Award is to recognize creative and unique developments, applications or combinations of analytical techniques used in practice. The prize promotes the awareness of the value of analytics techniques in unusual applications; or in creative combination to provide unique insights and/or business value.  We had 24 great submissions for the first round of 2015 Innovative Applications in Analytics Award. A judging panel selected 6 semi-finalists from the submissions. The creative work conducted by these 6 semi-finalists participants had impacts in the fields ranging from Medicine, Aircraft maintenance, Demand forecasting to Event response; with analytics ranging from Inventory Planning, Quality control to video and text analytics. 

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  • INFORMS Analytics and OR Career Center

    INFORMS Career Center (ICC) conveniently and efficiently matches qualified applicants with employers in the O.R. and analytics field.

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    An archive of past Analytics e-news

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