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Welcome to the Boston Chapter!


Dear Boston INFORMS Member:

I write to wish you all a happy new year. This has been a good year for our chapter. Our membership is up slightly and our finances are strong. Needless to say, this would not have happened without the support of our members and the high level of effort and activities of our officers (Victor Lo, Dan Rice, and Matt Flint) all of whom have demanding day jobs.

Of course, we want to do even better this year.

If members are interested in participating more in any way, again, please let me know. The strength of the chapter is in its members. Of course, attending our meetings, encouraging colleagues to attend and participating activity in our meeting is the most important way to strengthen our chapter. While our Program Committee must approve all talks, we encourage suggestions for future talks.

I cannot end such a letter without a reminder to renew your membership to our Chapter. While I hope you will join the national INFORMS organization you are not required to in order to be a member of our Chapter. You might note that are dues are quite modest.The size of our membership and the participation of our members helps us attract great speakers and makes the informal gatherings before the meeting more interesting. If Facebook can raise its membership to close to a 1 billion members I don't see why we cannot double ours next year: we offer great talks, good food, and have more interesting people to talk with. Please encourage your colleagues to join.

May this year bring you all you hope for.


Les Servi

Chair, Boston INFORMS Chapter

Upcoming Events

Professor Tauhid Zaman of MIT will be giving a talk on Wednesday, November 2 - on "Finding Online Extremists in Social Networks."  See here for more details.

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Isaac Slavitt (isaac.slavitt [at] gmail [dot] com)