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DAS now has a discussion forum as part of the DAS Community on INFORMS Connect:

The forum is for posts of general interest to DAS members. Possible topics for discussion might include any of the following:

  • Announcements of meetings and calls for papers.
  • Announcements of job openings for decision analysts and decision researchers.
  • Announcements of new working papers, articles, programs, for comment and discussion.
  • Substantive discussion concerning topics such as decision analysis modeling, probability and value assessment, decision analysis software, environmental risk analysis, behavioral decision theory, negotiation and bargaining, to name just a few of the topics of interest to our members.
  • Solicitations for advice on particular questions encountered in research or applications; including, for example, queries like "does anybody know of software that does xxx?" or "what kinds of assessment techniques would you recommend in a problem like xxx?"
  • Comments, questions, and contributions on curriculum questions; suggested texts, cases, new articles of common interest for course-related adoption, etc.
  • Brief "war stories" describing interesting or novel applications.

All posts must comply with the following criteria:

  • Submitted materials must not be copyrighted;
  • Submissions must be (at least remotely) related to the purposes of the Society as outlined in our bylaws;
  • Basic rules of etiquette are expected; e.g., character assassination and profanity are strictly prohibited.

Access to INFORMS Connect pages is provided automatically according to INFORMS membership.  If you are a member of DAS, you should automatically have access to the DAS page, and it should appear in your list of Communities when logged in to INFORMS Connect.  Please contact INFORMS at if you are having trouble accessing the DAS Community on INFORMS Connect.

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Key Contacts

Jason Merrick (DAS President)
Virginia Commonwealth University
Jay Simon (DAS Webmaster)
American University

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