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INFORMS MSOM (Manufacturing and Service Operations Management) Conference

The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, June 19-June 21, 2017.

Conference co-chairs: Vinayak Deshpande and Jay Swaminathan

Academic Program Chair: Vinayak Deshpande and Jay Swaminathan

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The Manufacturing and Service Operations Management Society (MSOM) of the Institute for Operations Research and the Management Sciences (INFORMS) sponsors a conference each June. MSOM Special Interest Group (SIG) Workshops are held on the day preceding the conference. This year there will be five (5) SIG Conferences: Supply Chain Operations, Service Operations, iFORM (interface of Finance, Operations, and Risk Management), Health Care Operations, and Sustainable Operations.

The Special Interest Group (SIG) Conferences will take place on June 19th. The MSOM conference will take place on June 20 and June 21.

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Key Contacts

Terry Taylor, President

Gad Allon, Executive VP and President-Elect

Kamalini Ramdas, VP for Meetings and Communications

Qi Annabelle Feng, Secretary/Treasurer

Carri Chan, SIG Chair Healthcare

Vishal Gaur, SIG Chair iFORM

Itai Gurvich, SIG Chair Service Management

Gurhan Kok, SIG Chair Supply Chain Management

Vishal Agrawal, SIG Chair Sustainable Operations

Hyun Seok (Huck) Lee, Webmaster