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Applying Advanced Analytics to Railroad Problems for Fun and Prizes!


The railroad operations are inherently complex/large scale and source of many challenging OR problems. This competition is designed to introduce participants to railroad problems, an exciting and challenging application area for Operations Research and Management Sciences.

Can I Publish?

Yes, you can. In fact, RAS encourages you to do so. You can reference the year specific competition URL because we will not change the URL. Anyone can use the RAS competition problem and provided datasets in their publication.

Also, The first prize winner’s contribution will be considered for publication in Networks. The paper still needs to go through the journal’s normal refereeing procedure; however, the paper will receive an expedited refereeing and publication process. More details about this journal can be found here.


This competition is intended to attract interest in the rail operations research arena. Anyone who is interested to solve railroad problems using OR tools is welcome to participate. If interested in participating, apply before the due date. Acceptance in the competition will be decided by the Judging Panel at their discretion. At least one member of each prize winning team must be available to present the team’s approach and results at the INFORMS Annual Meeting.

RAS officers and Organizing Committee Members are NOT eligible to participate. The Organizing Committee members may NOT help and guide any participating team.


Information about the 2016 edition of the RAS Problem Solving Competition is available now. If you have any suggestions or ideas for future competitions, please feel free to contact April Kuo (April.Kuo@BNSF.com) or Francesco Corman (F.Corman@tudelft.nl). All feedback is greatly appreciated.

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Key Contacts

Xuesong Zhou (xzhou74@asu.edu), Arizona State University, RAS Chair 2016

April Kuo (april.kuo@bnsf.com), BNSF, RAS Vice Chair 2016

Shantih Spanton (shantih_spanton@csx.com), CSX, RAS Secretary 2016

Gunnar Feldmann (gunnar.feldmann@nscorp.com), Norfolk Southern Corporation, RAS Treasurer 2016

Tyler Dick (ctdick@illinois.edu), University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, RAS PR Officer 2016

Golnoosh Miri (gmiri@asu.edu), Arizona State University, RAS Webmaster 2016

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