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In 2014, the SPRIG Section is merging into the Analytics Section. If you are currently a paid SPRIG member, you will receive a membership to the Analytics Section for this year. Visit the website here.

The Spreadsheet Productivity Research Interest Group, version 2.0, has twin foci: we are simultaneously a community all those who wish to use spreadsheets more productively and a community for academic research on spreadsheet structure, use, and improvements. As such, we are oriented more towards practicioner outreach than we have been in the past.

Working SPRIG 2.0 Vision

Sprig is the worldwide community of the largest single base of numeric story tellers, the spreadsheet user.

Its aim is to encourage, position and enable more people to help more decision makers through research, innovation, teaching and useful application of the world's most popular numbers tool: the spreadsheet.

Its goal is to reach and capture the interest of the millions of career and developing spreadsheet users across the globe to learn from each other in advancing the spreadsheet platform for discovery, discussion and decision making.

Issues for Contemplation and Discussion

  • Are “Excel” and “spreadsheet” connected together, forever?
  • How core is the spreadsheet as a business tool?
  • What might replace spreadsheets in the future?
  • How must spreadsheets change to become more mainstream in OR?
  • Will spreadsheets always be error prone?
  • How can spreadsheets make more people more productive?
  • Why isn’t there a spreadsheet risk industry in the US as there is in Europe?
  • How should we communicate better through spreadsheets?
  • What is our role as SRPIG in the imminent analytics storm?

2nd Annual Spreadsheet Guru Contest

Preliminary Round: COMPLETE!

Congratulations to all participants on a good 1st round. Essam Alshreafi at 69 minutes with the proper format is our 1st round leader, followed closely by Rob Ende at 70 minutes and Drew Pulvermacher at an adjusted time for format errors of 73 minutes. 

Playoffs and Finals: Sunday, April 7, 2013 at the 2013 Analytics Conference. Semi-final round will start at 2:00 PM CDT. We congratulate the following preliminary contestants on securing a place in the round:

Essam Alshreafi, Rob Ende, Drew Pulvermacher, Russell Mosier, Janet Wagner, Nathan McLean, Brian Reiksts, Benjamin Aronin, Damiem Chamness, Frazer Middleton, Jaan Ubi, Huizhu Wang, Palaparambil Lakshmi, Rana Glasgal, Harold Gielewski, and Lawrence Robinson. Tim Kwan is also returning to attempt to defend his title.

All others are welcome to join the competition on Sunday. We will take the 1st four finishers with the correct answer, with format errors penalized by addding either 10% of time for minor errors or 20% of elapsed time for major errors. Formatting requirements are laid out in the contest rules and questions may be submitted either ahead of time or during the competition. Again, no finishers with incorrect answers will proceed to the final round.

Also, no VBA/macros are allowed in the semi-final or final rounds.

 1st prize = $500

2nd prize = $250

3rd prize = $100

Entry fee = $25 for non-SPRIG members (includes 1 year of SPRIG membership) / $15 for SPRIG members

Go to:


 to sign up for the contest - the more the merrier!

See a contest preview here at: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Gv7wvAu2GBA

Key Contacts

Alan Taber, Secretary/Treasurer


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