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  • From the President
  • WINFORMS evening program announcement - Gregory S. Parnell
  • WINFORMS meeting reports - Averill M. Law on design of experiments for simulation modeling
  • Chuck Burdick on the DoD analytic agenda
  • We are WINFORMS, as are you! - Steven P. Wilcox
  • WINFORMS election report
  • Capital Science 2010
  • From the President - WINFORMS swings into fall
  • In memoriam - Professor Garth P. McCormick
  • WINFORMS meeting reports - Brett Steele on applying the economics of technological products to terrorist violence
  • We are WINFORMS, as are you! - Kevin Gormley, Dhaivat Parikh
  • WINFORMS elections
  • Editor's fill space and parting shot
  • From the President - WINFORMS swings into summer
  • WINFORMS meeting reports - Dr. Arnie Greenland on the Department of Social Security's Quick Disability Determination program and using text-mining to analyze disability claims, Doug Samuelson on predicting the spread of infectious diseases and similar phenomena, Eva Lee on planning the emergency response to a bioterrorism attack or a pandemic
  • We are WINFORMS, as are you! - John D. Kettelle
  • Blacksten's first conjecture was Euler's in 1772
  • From the President - WINFORMS marches on
  • WINFORMS meeting reports - Ted Allen on the “topic models” approach to automated free-text analysis
  • We are WINFORMS, as are you! - Richard M. Soland
  • Obituary - Richard E. Rosenthal
  • Blacksten's first conjecture
  • From the President - WINFORMS marches on
  • WINFORMS meeting reports - Matt Parker and Stephen Guerin on agent-based simulations of mass egress, in an example of an attack on a sports stadium, Doug Hubbard on how to measure anything, Averill Law on agent-based simulation
  • We are WINFORMS, as are you! - Dr. Robert S. Sheldon
  • The Priority List by N. Order
  • From the President - WINFORMS marches on
  • From the Past President
  • WINFORMS panel discussion meeting report on the future of the OR profession and WINFORMS
  • ORMS in history - “How a Statistical Formula Won the War” by Gavyn Davies
  • From the President - WINFORMS moves into fall
  • Monthly meeting summaries - Richele Scuro on gap analysis for comparing the performance of branches of multi-outlet businesses
  • WINFORMS tidbits
  • ORMS fun and games - a simple game
  • From the President - WINFORMS, a year of conferences
  • IIE/WINFORMS Joint Program for Capital Science 2006
  • Operations Research in the 21st Century: A symposium in honor of Saul Gass’ 80th birthday
  • From the President - WINFORMS begins a new yearR
  • uss Vane wins INFORMS Moving Spirit Award
  • INFORMS 2005 annual meeting, Winter Simulation Conference
  • Monthly meeting summaries - Saul Gass on George Dantzig, John Kettelle on computer-based negotiations and decision support, Allyn E. Kilsheimer on the reconstruction of the Pentagon, Dr. John Hollywood on finding hidden threats by analyzing unusual behavior
  • From the President - WINFORMS new year, off and running
  • SIGSTAT topics for fall 2004
  • Monthly meeting summaries - Jeff Horton on uncertainty, risk and the value of flexibility, Dr. Charles A. Weber on optimizing major acquisition programs' production schedules for the U.S. DoD.
  • Monthly meeting summaries - Douglas Hubbard on IT investment priorities, Vince Roske on analysis support to operations planning for small scale contingencies, Mary Batcher and Ernst & Young Quantitative Economic and Statistics Group on three real world case studies that applied quantitative modeling to complex business and policy problems.
  • WINFORMS Board of Directors elections -- new officers
  • WINFORMS Secretary Steve Stephens recognized by INFORMS Moving Spirit award
  • Monthly meeting summary - Brian McEnany on measuring the performance of small military vehicle units using a value hierarchy
  • Joint (WINFORMS / World Future Society / Washington Academy of Sciences) Symposium

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