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INFORMS publishes 14 scholarly journals that focus on the fields of operations research, management science, and analytics. Each journal is peer reviewed and overseen by an editorial board made up of leaders in their respective disciplines.

If your manuscript was accepted for publication or you would like more information on how to prepare a manuscript for submission, you’ve come to the right place. The INFORMS Author Portal contains the most current information related to review and submission statistics, file preparation, copyright guidelines, rights and permissions, and a comprehensive list of frequently asked questions.

If you do not find the answers you’re looking for on the portal and your paper has been accepted, please contact the journal’s production editor. If you are interested in submitting to the journal, please visit the editorial sites for complete submission guidelines.

Publication Policies

Effective January 1, 2017, INFORMS will require an Open Researcher and Contributor ID (ORCID) for all authors publishing articles in INFORMS journals.


Guidelines for Copyright & Plagiarism
Authors are required to review the INFORMS copyright and plagiarism policies before submitting to an INFORMS journal.

Copyright Transfer Agreement Forms

Rights & Permissions
Check here for a detailed explanation for the reuse of INFORMS copyrighted material along with directions on how to request reprint permissions.

INFORMS Open Option
An open access alternative for articles accepted for publication in any one of 13 INFORMS journals that would have otherwise only been available through subscriptions or pay per view.

News & Stats

Special Issues
INFORMS journals periodically feature special issues. Each is dedicated to a special topic and many are edited by guest editors. Visit INFORMS PubsOnLine for a current list of upcoming special issues of INFORMS journals with links to the issues or calls for papers.

INFORMS Journal Indexing and Citations

Pre-Submission Editing
Referrals to professional language editors familiar with INFORMS content.

Accepted Author Support

Author Forms
Copyrights, reprints, and new prepublication order forms

Contact your Production Editor
Production editors oversee the process that changes your accepted manuscript into a published article. If the Author Portal does not answer your questions, please feel free to contact the production editor assigned to the journal.

File Preparation 
Failure to prepare manuscript files to our standards will result in publication delays. Check here for guidelines and tips on preparing text and figure source files.

Frequently Asked Questions 
Why wait for an email response when you can check the production editors’ list of frequently asked questions. The publications department supports thousands of authors each year. Save time and see if your question has already been asked – and answered!

Key words 
Key words are provided and maintained through a collaboration with IAOR (International Abstracts in Operations Research).

LaTeX Style Files 
LaTeX style files are available for use in preparing manuscripts for the INFORMS journals.

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Guidelines for Copyright & Plagiarism

Guidelines for Copyright & Plagiarism - Authors are required to review the INFORMS copyright and plagiarism policies before submitting to an INFORMS journal.