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Analytics January 2014

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INFORMS Journals are essential reading and the numbers bear us out:

  • Top 5 ranked ISI journals in OR/MS and SSCI business categories
  • 4 of 40 journals cited by Financial Times
  • 4 of 20 journals cited by Business Week

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INFORMS Librarians Portal



Welcome to the INFORMS Librarians Portal. The Librarians Portal contains information that librarians and administrators need to know about INFORMS 14 scholarly journals, the INFORMS journals program, and other INFORMS publications and e-products. INFORMS new publications include our online-only journal Service Science (2012) and in 2015 Strategy Science (print and online formats). Ask about trial subscriptions.

In one convenient place, you can perform numerous administrative tasks, download subscription information, and find answers to your questions:

INFORMS Journals

All 14 of INFORMS scholarly journals are peer-reviewed and 11 are available in print and electronic formats. Our open-access journal INFORMS Transactions on Education, and Service Science our newest journal, are online-only publications. INFORMS online journal subscriptions include access to current volumes as well as the digitized backfile issues to 1998. Libraries that subscribe to print journals will receive free online access to the electronic content. Online subscriptions are accessible during the active subscription period only. Our 14th journal, Strategy Science, will begin publication in 2015.


INFORMS PubsOnLine Suite offers online-only or print+online access to all 13 INFORMS journals for one low discounted price. The PubsOnLine Suite package offers all 13 of our journals at a cost that essentially gives you two FREE journal subscriptions. Current subscription content includes all journal issues from 1998 to present. This package now includes our 13th journal Service Science.

In 2015, Strategy Science, INFORMS new quarterly journal will be added to the PubsOnLine Suite package (14 journals) at no additional cost.


INFORMS Journals Archive (1952-1997) is our online archival product covering journal content from volume 1, issue 1 through 1997. The Archive includes the 9 ORMS scholarly journals launched before 1998 for a budget-friendly, one-time cost. Additional subscription discounts are available for current journal subscribers.

Expand your institution's library holdings with over 40 years of historical operations research content.


Interactive Transactions of ORMS (ITORMS) is INFORMS first electronic journal to exploit the interactivity of the Internet. ITORMS published original, scholarly high-quality articles and bibliographic essays covering the OR/MS discipline. All papers published in ITORMS (volumes 1-4) are now available in PDF format through the ITORMS website. The papers in ITORMS provide a wealth of bibliographic information on many key topics that are still of importance today.


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