Interfaces is dedicated to improving the practical applications of O.R. to decisions and policies in today's organizations and industries. The journal publishes manuscripts focusing on the the practice of operations research and management science and the impact this practice has on organizations throughout the world. It provides an accessible source of information for O.R. managers and professionals in diverse areas such as commerce, industry, government, and education.

Interfaces is the exclusive outlet for the award-winning finalist papers from two prominent best-case competitions, the Franz Edelman Award for Achievement in Operations Research and the Daniel H. Wagner Prize for Excellence in Operations Research.

Topics covered in Interfaces include:
  • Education
  • Finance
  • Management Science
  • Marketing
  • Military
  • Management Information Systems
  • Novel Applications
  • Operations Management
  • Operations Research
  • Public Sector
  • Quality
  • Strategy
  • Supply Chain Management

The audience for Interfaces includes analysts, engineers, project managers, consultants, students, researchers, and educators.

Frequency: Bimonthly
ISSN: 0092-2102 (Print), 1526-551X (Online)
Institute for Scientific Information (Thomson ISI)
Social Science Citation Index (SSCI) category: Management
Science Citation Index (SCI) category: Operations Research and Management Science

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On-Demand Wagner Prize Presentations

View 5 presentations of verifiable O.R. practice success that made a substantial difference in their organizations. Use them in the classroom or to apply lessons learned to your own organization.

Edelman Award Special Issue

Jan/Feb 2012 issue of Interfaces is the Edelman Award special issue -- the most-read issue of the year. Read these inspiring examples of major difference-making O.R. projects or view the video presentations.

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