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Special International Issue

This year’s special international issue of OR/MS Today, the 18th in the series, presents yet another worldwide tour of interesting O.R. applications, from railway planning in Kazakhstan to soccer scheduling in Chile to French Army logistics across France and Africa.

Kazakhstan National Railway

How a railway-planning model helped develop a scheduled, market-driven, customer service-oriented operation across a vast Central Asian nation.  [OPEN ACCESS]

Chilean soccer league scheduling

Faced with a long list of constraints, O.R. group scores with efficient schedules that reduce travel costs, enhance key matches and boost attendance.  [OPEN ACCESS]

Operations research in Cuba

A rare inside look at O.R. in Cuba – past, present and future – which is particularly topical given the recent semi-restoration of relationships between the United States and Cuba.  [MEMBERS ONLY ARTICLE]

The most interesting person in the (O.R.) world

An interview with Georgia Tech professor Eva Lee, whose work on a wide range of globally important issues such as healthcare delivery, disaster relief and pandemic response makes her perhaps “the most interesting person in the O.R. world.”  [MEMBERS ONLY ARTICLE]



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