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The disappearance of Malaysia Flight 370

Analytical look at aviation safety

Malaysia Airlines Flight 370, which veered off its scheduled course last March and vanished somewhere over the vast Indian Ocean, remains as of this writing one of the great mysteries in aviation history. In his cover story for the February 2015 issue of OR/MS Today, Arnold Barnett, an MIT professor and widely recognized expert in aviation safety, takes an analytical look at the mysterious event and raises and answers several questions concerning what it means and doesn't mean about aviation safety, including the question on everyone's mind: "Will we ever learn what happened to MH 370?"

Statistical Analysis Software Survey

Survey: Statistical Software

Biennial survey of popular software includes a wide range of tools [OPEN ACCESS]

Value Pricing

Expanding the revenue management frontier with innovative modeling [MEMBERS ONLY ARTICLE]

Rigs to Reefs

Decision analysis: decommissioning California’s offshore oil platforms

Academic Analytics

How to build a college business analytics program: the UT experience [MEMBERS ONLY ARTICLE]



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