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Linear Programming Survey

  Biennial survey of linear programming software...
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When Simulated Worlds Collide

Simulated worlds
The October issue of OR/MS Today casts a long shadow on the popular O.R. tool simulation. The issues features an extensive survey of simulation software, including side-by-side comparisons of 55 software packages and, just in time for Halloween, an article on the “Pedagogy of Zombies,” which outlines how a simulation of human vs. zombie behavior has turned into an attention-grabbing teaching tool .

Has O.R. outgrown O.R.?

Many quantitative fields are converging in their aims and fundamentals to a common concept domain – analytics.


Aviation security decisions

Symposium outlines opportunities, challenges while fostering collaboration between government, academia and industry.  [MEMBERS ONLY ARTICLE]


 Guided tour of O.R. history

INFORMS committee creates website devoted to the history of operations research and profiles of influential individuals.


 The true cost of ‘free’ statistical software

A close examination of the open-source software statistics package R reveals its advantages . . . and disadvantages.



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Analytics magazine

Analytics is a new digital magazine that provides an inside look at how data and mathematical analysis help drive better business decisions.

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