Online Resources for OR/MS

By Matthew Saltzman

INFORMS Online is the place to go on the Web for information about INFORMS. In addition, one of IOL's missions is to act as a portal to other resources in the OR/MS field. For example:

New Online OR/MS Resource Collection. Mike Trick's OR Page (a.k.a. MTORP, is one of the premiere OR/MS portals online today. Through the end of this year, IOL will mirror MTORP (though with an IOL look). Beginning in January 2002, IOL will be the exclusive host, and the MTORP URL will redirect users to the IOL page. The URL for the new page, the INFORMS Online OR/MS Resource Collection, is Mike Trick will continue to maintain the page as the new IOL associate editor for Resources.

This combination of the resources already on INFORMS Online and the 1,100-plus-link database of MTORP will place IOL at the forefront of online OR/MS resource sites, both for its original content (INFORMS publications, conference pages, news) and for its collection of links to other information about OR/MS.

Practice Page. The IOL Practice Page ( debuted at the May 2001 INFORMS Practice Conference in La Jolla, Calif. In last issue's column, Associate Editor for Practice Robin Lougee-Heimer described this collection of links to IOL pages and other resources designed primarily for practitioners. The page is under active development under Robin's leadership and in consultation with members of the roundtable and others.

Conference Calendar. The IOL Conference Calendar front page (, maintained by Associate Editor for Conferences Tanya Skorohod, lists upcoming INFORMS and INFORMS subdivision conferences. In addition, the links to calendar months and the "Display All Future Conferences" link provide information about more than 70 upcoming OR-related meetings.

While the listings may reflect a bias toward my own personal research interests of optimization and computation (many of the entries come from mailing lists that I subscribe to), we also allow any user to submit new entries. If you are aware of a conference, register as a calendar page user and add it to the list.

Education Resources. As described in IOL in the July 2001 issue, the Continuing Education page (, maintained by Associate Editor for Continuing Education Vickie Sauter, contains information about, and links to, more than 200 upcoming short courses and continuing education opportunities, sorted in a variety of convenient ways.

The INFORMS Student Union (, maintained by Associate Editor for Education Jeffrey Herrmann and others, includes links to a variety of pages with information of value to students. It also points to the Educational Programs page ( maintained by Brady Hunsaker, with pointers to OR/MS degree programs in the United States and around the world.

Member Web Pages. IOL maintains a searchable index of the Web pages of members who have provided URLs on their sign-up or renewal forms (

OR/MS Today Resources. OR/MS Today maintains a resources page at This page contains listings for more than 70 companies involved in the OR/MS field, sorted by company name and by product or service. Companies can register to be listed on this page by filling out an online form. Basic listings with contact information are free, while more prominent listings with more detailed information, graphics and preferred placement are available for a fee.

Liaison Page. The liaison page ( contains pointers to Web pages of more than 70 organizations in fields related to OR/MS. A companion page ( contains links to pages within other organizations' sites that provide information about: Bibliographic Databases, Employment Information and Services, Funding Sources, Journals, Links (to related organizations and sites), Meetings/Conferences, Membership Directory, Membership Magazine and Newsletters (if at least partially on-line), Officers and Prizes/Awards.

The liaison pages were created by Art Geoffrion, who recently provided a comprehensive update of the contents.

Funding Sources Page. The funding sources page ( contains information about U.S. and Canadian government agencies that fund research and development in OR/MS.

Though not a portal resource, the following new addition to IOL deserves special mention.

Miser-Harris Presidential Portrait Gallery (Online Edition). The real Miser-Harris Presidential Portrait Gallery resides in the conference room of the INFORMS office in Linthicum, Md. It contains photographs of many of the past presidents of ORSA, TIMS and INFORMS, together with brief biographies of each. The online edition of the gallery ( contains scans of the photographs in the real gallery and the text of the biographical notes. The gallery is named for Hugh Miser (1917-1999), 11th president of ORSA, and Carl Harris (1940-2000), 39th president of ORSA. Arjang Assad maintains the page.

Matthew Saltzman ( is an associate professor of Mathematical Sciences at Clemson University.