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 Publisher's Statement
ORMS Today, the membership magazine of the Institute for Operations Research and the Mangement Sciences (INFORMS), is written for upper-management professionals and academics in the field of operations research, the management sciences, and related information and decision sciences. The bi-monthly publication reports on the most recent developments in the field, and publishes articles that illustrate the applications and impact of O.R. and M.S. on the complex problems that occur in all areas of modern life, such as telecommunications, manufacturing, transportation, the service sector, healthcare and defense.

ORMS Today is mailed to every member of INFORMS, members of O.R. societies around the world and individual subscribers. With more than 13,000 readers worldwide, ORMS Today has a greater circulation than any other publication covering the fields of operations research and the management sciences.

Readers of ORMS Today are a unique group of corporate professionals, practioners, researchers and educators. They hold advanced degrees in mathematics, engineering, business and other related fields, and they rely on sophisticated tools to perform their jobs effectively. Computers, complex software products, technical reference materials and specialized services — your products and services — are the primary tools of their trade.

What does this mean to you — The advertiser?
It means you can target the people who understand, need and, most importantly, BUY your products and services. These are the decision-makers who select computer products, educational materials and specialized services — professionals who are searching for ways to improve organizational efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

Nowhere else can you target such an informed audience with such exceptional buying power in this growing market.

Advertising Opportunities Offered in ORMS Today

•   Display Advertising
•   Employment Advertising
•   Product and Literature Showcase
•   Brochure and Card Inserts
•   White Papers
•   Reprints

Online at www.orms-today.org
•   Banner Advertising

For Advertising Information Contact:
Sharon Baker
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 Display Advertising Schedule
Issue Date Ad Closing Materials Due
February 1/12/17 1/19/17
April 3/9/17 3/16/17
June 5/11/17 5/18/17
August 7/11/17 7/18/17
October 9/12/17 9/19/17
December 11/10/17 11/17/17

Send all orders, CDs, DVDs, contracts, correspondence, proofs, copy, insert samples, printing and reproduction materials to:

Advertising Department
506 Roswell Street, Suite 220
Marietta, GA 30060
Tel: 770-431-0867 (toll-free, 888-303-5639)
Fax: 770-432-6969   ORMS Today

Publishing Offices
506 Roswell Street, Suite 220
Marietta, GA 30060
Phone: 770-431-0867 (toll free, 888-303-5639)
Fax: 770-432-6969
URL: http://www.orms-today.org

Publication Personnel
       John Llewellyn, ext. 209
       E-mail: john.llewellyn@mail.informs.org

       Peter Horner, ext. 206
       E-mail: peter.horner@mail.informs.org

Advertising & Online Banner Sales:
       Sharon Baker

Reprint Sales:
       Kelly Millwood, ext. 215
       E-mail: kelly.millwood@mail.informs.org

Art Director:
       Alan Brubaker, ext. 218
       E-mail: alan.brubaker@mail.informs.org

Single copy: $10.50 US, $15.00 Overseas
U.S. subscriptions: one year, $62.00
Canada & Mexico: one year, $79.00
Overseas subscriptions: one year, $85.00

A membership subscription to ORMS Today is included in the annual dues of the Institute for Operations Research and the Management Sciences (INFORMS).

ORMS Today is published bi-monthly. It is the magazine of membership of the Institute for Operations Research and the Management Sciences (INFORMS).

Requests for membership information and INFORMS publications should be addressed to:
www.informs.org or call, 1-800-4INFORMs or 443-757-3500

INFORMS Headquarters:
5521 Research Park Drive, Suite 200
Cantonsville, MD 21228