INFORMS News: INFORMS Combined Colloquia 2011

The 2011 INFORMS Combined Colloquia will be held on Nov. 11-12, the Friday and Saturday preceding the INFORMS Annual Meeting in Charlotte, N.C. This Combined Colloquia will feature the:

  • Teaching Effectiveness Colloquium (TEC)
  • Future Academician Colloquium (FAC
  • Future Practitioner Colloquium (FPC)

All three colloquia are sponsored by INFORMS, INFORM-ED, the INFORMS Student Affairs Committee and Omega Rho, and are designed to provide attendees with technical material, career experiences from senior and junior OR/MS professionals and an environment for networking.

The 2011 Teaching Effectiveness Colloquium will address several aspects of incorporating and assessing effective teaching techniques in any undergraduate and graduate curriculum. The colloquium will be beneficial to both seasoned and new faculty members at all levels and in all disciplines of operations research and management science. Planned sessions include topics such as understanding what the best college teachers do, exposure to a variety of teaching strategies for engaging students in the classroom and extending learning outside the classroom, and an overview of possible pedagogical scholarship in OR/MS.

The 2011 Future Academician Colloquium is organized with current doctoral students in mind. It will include sessions dedicated to navigating the job hunt, developing a successful research program, becoming an effective teacher and dealing with work-life balance issues.

The 2011 Future Practitioners Colloquium has been organized with current doctoral student participation in mind; however, applications will be accepted for new practitioners (those within three years of starting their first practice job) as well. This colloquium will feature sessions focusing on career paths for OR/MS professionals, challenges that new practitioners experience, discussions concerning choosing between an academic and a practice career, what managers seek when hiring new employees, and suggestions concerning how to find a job as well as how to become a successful OR/MS practitioner.

Schedule: The Teaching Effectiveness Colloquium will begin at 7:30 a.m. on Nov. 11. The Future Academician and Future Practitioner Colloquia will begin at 6 p.m. on Nov. 11 with a welcome dinner for all participants. Rina Schneur, president of INFORMS, will address the participants on the future of INFORMS and its position at the center of teaching, research and practice. The Combined Colloquia will continue on Nov. 12 all day with several sessions. Following the conclusion of the colloquia, all participants will be invited to an evening dinner. Participants will also have opportunities to interact with each other and with the Combined Colloquia speakers during breakfast, lunch and several refreshment breaks.

Participant Nomination: Because of increased demand and limited capacity, consideration for participation in the colloquia is by nomination only. A department can nominate more than one eligible individual to each colloquium, but only a limited number of applicants will be accepted. Nominations of one person to multiple colloquia are not permitted and will not receive consideration. Companies can nominate eligible practitioners to just the Future Practitioner Colloquium.

Registration Fee: The registration fee for each of the colloquia is $300. The fee will be waived for one participant from a department nominated to the Combined Colloquia. A second participant from a department to the combined colloquia pays $150, and each additional participant pays $300. Note: nomination is by department, not individual professors within the department. All Future Practitioner Colloquium attendees nominated by a company must pay $300. Invoices for the total amount will be sent directly to the sponsor units (department or company). No invoice will be sent to individual participants.

All colloquia participants are required to register for the INFORMS Annual Meeting 2011 in Charlotte. The registration fee for the colloquia does not include the registration fee for the INFORMS Annual Meeting.

Deadline for all nomination packages is July 14. For complete nomination requirements, go to: Eda Kemahlioglu-Ziya ( chairs the Combined Colloquia committee, joined by Matthew Bailey, Sriram Narayanan, Yimin Wang and Murat Bayiz.