INFORMS News: INFORMS Nominations

The INFORMS Nominating Committee has provided the following slate of nominees for the elections to be held in summer 2011 (for offices beginning January 2012):
Anantaram Balakrishnan
Anne G. Robinson

Jeffrey M. Alden
Brian T. Denton

VP – International Activities
J. Judy Jin (unopposed)

VP – Marketing, Communications and Outreach
E. Andrew Boyd
Vijay Mehrotra

VP – Membership and Professional Recognition
Ozlem Ergun
Jill R. Hardin

VP – Practice Activities
Jack Levis (unopposed)
As provided in Bylaw 3, additional nominations by petition of at least 50 members for any of the open officer or vice president positions shall be accepted by the Secretary if received with all materials needed for ballot by May 31, 2011.