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Ed Coffman

Ed Coffman

Ed Coffman of Columbia University was named the 2011 recipient of the Harold Larnder Prize, awarded annually by the Canadian Operational Research Society to an individual who has achieved international distinction in operational research. Professor Coffman was selected by CORS for his exemplary contributions to O.R. in all three areas that matter to academics: research, teaching and service.

Professor Coffman will give the Larnder Memorial Lecture at the CORS conference in St. John’s May 30-June 1, where he will speak about modeling dynamic resource allocation.

Harold Larnder was a well-known Canadian in wartime who played a major part in the development of an effective, radar based, air defense system during the battle of Britain. He returned to Canada in 1951 to join the Canadian Defence Research Board and was the president of CORS in 1966-67.

James J. Cochran, an associate professor in the Department of Marketing and Analysis in the College of Business at Louisiana Tech University, an INFORMS member and co-author of “An Event Study of the Economic Impact of Professional Sport Franchises on Local U.S. Economies,” was quoted in a March 9 Associated Press story on the potential National Football League lockout. As of press time, the NFL players and owners were involved in a dispute over how to divvy up $9 billion in revenue a year. The story looked at some of the people who would suffer – from ticket-takers to bartenders to small business owners – if the 2011 NFL season was canceled.

“It’s like an earthquake – there’s a ripple effect out to other people, other parts of the region,” Cochran told AP writer Jaime Aron. “You can’t really assume the impact is limited to the area around the stadium. You feel the shock everywhere along the way. It may not be the same shaking as at the epicenter, but you feel it.”

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