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Frontline releases Solver SDK Platform V2016

Frontline Systems is shipping Solver SDK Platform V2016, a major new release of its popular analytics Software Development Kit, with new APIs and source code examples in R and Python – augmenting support for C++, C#, Java and other languages – plus a new embedded version of its RASON modeling language interpreter. Application developers can use these tools to extend any server-based, browser-based or mobile application to deliver analytic results, using the full range of optimization and simulation methods.

“With XLMiner SDK, our just-released toolkit for predictive analytics, we’re now offering developers a powerful, comprehensive, yet easy to use tool set for the full range of advanced analytics - data mining, text mining, optimization and simulation,” says Daniel Fylstra, Frontline’s president.

Solver SDK makes it easy to create and deploy optimization and simulation models in three forms:

  • Created in a programming language, such as C++, C#, Java, R or Python
  • Created in Frontline’s high-level RASON modeling language
  • Created in Microsoft Excel, loaded into Solver SDK and run independently of Excel

It’s easy to combine these approaches. For example, a C++ or Java-based server application can load an Excel workbook, update parameters in the model, and run an optimization or simulation. Or an R or Python application can treat a RASON model as JSON, modify and solve that model – locally or in the cloud using Frontline’s RASON server and its REST API.

Solver SDK Platform features five bundled Solver engines, including a Simplex Solver, Barrier Solver, GRG Nonlinear Solver and Evolutionary Solver, plus a high-performance Monte Carlo simulation engine with multiple random number generators, sampling and correlation from 50 probability distributions, and a wide range of statistics for results. It can load and run eight different plug-in, large-scale Solver engines, such as the Gurobi, Xpress and KNITRO solvers. The SDK exploits multi-core processors in both simulation and optimization, without any programming effort by the user.

AIMMS featured in Gartner’s ‘Hype Cycle’

AIMMS, a leading business optimization software vendor, has been featured in Gartner’s Hype Cycle for Supply Chain Planning. The company has been listed as one of the three sample vendors for prescriptive analytics.

Gartner defines prescriptive analytics as “a set of analytical capabilities that finds a course of action to meet a predefined objective, such as maximizing revenue or minimizing costs” – the output of which is a recommended action. As stated in Gartner’s Hype Cycle, the use of prescriptive analytics can improve decision-making in several areas of the supply chain, including logistics, planning and manufacturing.

AIMMS clients such as Nike, Air Liquide, BP, JBS and Shell leverage prescriptive analytics to support fact-based, real-time decision-making in critical supply chain planning processes. The flexible AIMMS platform can be used for network and inventory optimization, planning & scheduling, cost to serve segmentation, boosting ERP agility and much more.

“As a company that has operated in the prescriptive analytics space for over 25 years, we are very pleased to be recognized as a key vendor by Gartner,” says AIMMS CEO Gijs Dullaert. “Our clients have benefited from this technology for decades and we’re thrilled to see that awareness about this exciting space is increasing in the industry.”

Dirkse to lead GAMS’ new management team

Alex Meeraus stepped down as president of GAMS Development Corp. in January to assume his new role as GAMS’ senior adviser. He will also continue serving as a member of the Board. Meeraus’ inspired leadership and guidance took GAMS from its founding in 1987 to the position it enjoys today.

Stepping into his new role as president of GAMS Development is Steve Dirkse, who will form a new management team with Michael Bussieck and Franz Nelissen. The management change coincides with a change in ownership at GAMS. Together Dirkse, Bussieck and Nelissen have more than 60 years of experience at GAMS in a wide variety of roles. They look forward to building on the foundation Meeraus established over the past three decades, and guiding GAMS’ evolution to meet customers’ future needs.

LA Kings, Galaxy score with fans using SAS analytics

The Los Angeles Kings and Los Angeles Galaxy certainly know about success on the ice and on the pitch. The two-time Stanley Cup winners and five-time MLS Cup Champions are now looking to software from analytics leader SAS to deliver a win in the stands or at home, giving each of their loyal fans more of what they want.

Championships are only part of what draws supporters to AEG Sports. The company also owns and operates premier stadiums and high-profile event venues all over the world. For example, the Staples Center in Los Angeles, home of the LA Kings, houses three additional professional teams and hosts world-class concerts and events. Powered by SAS, AEG Sports will build an analytics center of excellence (ACE) to dig through mountains of fan and operational data. They’ll use it to predict the best promotion to extend to an LA Kings or LA Galaxy fan, or whom to alert about an upcoming event.

“With advanced analytics from SAS, we can mine the significant information we already have. Then we can visualize it to pinpoint how to elevate our service to our loyal sports fans,” says Kelly Cheesman, chief operating officer of the LA Kings Hockey Club and AEG Sports.

SAS Visual Analytics and SAS Visual Statistics will also help AEG Sports forecast and report on team and facility performance. By examining sales and gate revenue for every event, management can update marketing and promotional plans on the spot.