INFORMS Nominations

The INFORMS Nominating Committee has provided the following slate of nominees for the elections to be held in summer 2017 (for offices beginning Jan. 1, 2018):

Ramayya Krishnan
Col. (retired) Greg Parlier

Victoria Chen
Pooja Dewan

VP International
Sarang Deo
Sue Merchant

VP Practice
C. Allen Butler
Manoj Chari

VP Marketing, Communications and Outreach
Laura Albert
(Nominated to run unopposed for a second term)

VP Membership and Professional Recognition
Susan Martonosi
(Nominated to run unopposed for a second term)

As provided in Bylaw 3, additional nominations by petition of at least 50 members for any of the open officer or vice president positions shall be accepted by the Secretary if received with all material needed for ballot by May 31.