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Frontline shipping V. 2017 of Solvers for Excel and Analytic

Frontline Systems is shipping a new product line release for desktop and cloud, Version 2017 of its Solvers for Excel and, its SaaS equivalent. The new release unifies and simplifies Frontline’s products, makes learning predictive and prescriptive analytics accessible to everyone at very low cost, is easier to upgrade for larger models or data sets, and is easier to use across multiple desktop machines and the cloud.

“We’re making advanced analytics power tools and learning aids accessible to every business analyst,” says Daniel Fylstra, Frontline’s president and CEO. “Our users can build models with point-and-click ease of use, while taking advantage of the most advanced analytic algorithms and methods.”

In this release, Frontline is making available to all users Analytic Solver Basic V2017, a new version of its Analytic Solver Platform for Education product, formerly offered only for university MBA programs and used to learn by hundreds of thousands of students. Analytic Solver Basic includes every feature of Frontline’s analytics software, but handles only limited-size models and data sets, suitable for learning. (All of the 100+ example models and data sets included with the software can be used.) Paired with Solver Academy, Frontline’s new Open edX-based online learning platform, Analytic Solver Basic offers a way for business analysts to gain “advanced analytics ninja” skills.

Analytic Solver Basic gives the user an ongoing “free trial” opportunity for all the large-capacity products that Frontline offers. Users can simply create or open models or data sets larger than Analytic Solver Basic’s limits – and run them. The software enters “Test Run Summary Only” mode, and runs the problem but delivers only summary information such as the final objective in optimization or key statistics in simulation/risk analysis, then recommends the best upgrade option. After a simple, point-and-click upgrade step, the user has both the large-capacity product and Analytic Solver Basic, with its ongoing “free trial” of other functions.

Also in this release, Frontline has implemented a new cloud-based software licensing system, similar to the approach taken by Adobe Systems. Users can now install and use Frontline’s software on multiple computers, such as a desktop, laptop, home PC or virtual machine – but only one of these at a time. A multi-user license option enables organizations to share a license among multiple users and multiple machines, without having to run a special “license server.”

The V2017 release features further significant enhancements to Frontline’s popular Evolutionary Solver for optimization, focusing on the most difficult non-smooth, non-convex models with integer variables.

The new V2017 release is available at

AIMMS and UniSoma renew partnership agreement

AIMMS, an award-winning vendor of prescriptive analytics software, and UniSoma, a leading provider of Advanced Planning solutions, have renewed their partnership agreement, celebrating years of collaboration. Through their partnership, the companies have served many industry giants like JBS, Suzano, ArcelorMittal, Marfrig, Votorantim, Gerdau and others. With their renewed agreement, they formalize their commitment to bring innovative AIMMS-based analytics solutions that result in significant business value to clients at a global level.

UniSoma has worked closely with AIMMS for two decades and became an AIMMS Partner not long after they started using AIMMS. UniSoma was the first company in Latin America to use the AIMMS platform to develop complex decision-making solutions. The companies have thus far provided supply chain, planning and production optimization solutions for leading corporations in food production, pulp and paper, steel, agribusiness, among others. As a partner, UniSoma is primarily responsible for developing decision models, designing, implementing and maintaining AIMMS Apps for customers. AIMMS is accountable for developing and maintaining the AIMMS software and supporting UniSoma in sales and implementation.

The two organizations work closely together to ensure customer success and have enabled their clients to achieve substantial financial return through optimized decision making. Two great examples of clients being serviced in this partnership are:

JBS, a global leader in beef, lamb and poultry processing with annual revenue of $45 billion, is a joint customer. Using an AIMMS-based tool developed by UniSoma for cost-to-serve optimization, the company increased its original margin by 25 percent. The system and decision models developed enable them to respond rapidly to changing market prices on a daily basis at over 50 primary processing plants for 2000+ SKUs.

AcelorMittal, the world’s leading integrated steel and mining company with an annual revenue of $ 63 billion, also benefited from this cooperation. The company chose AIMMS and UniSoma to develop personalized planning tools to facilitate the expansion of its operation in the Brazilian Market. Strategic and operational decisions were improved by comprehending millions of variables crucial to optimize the coal-to-steel-to-client process, enabling AcelorMittal to increase profitability.

FICO named a leader in predictive analytics and machine learning solutions

FICO was named as a leader in the March 2017 report, “The Forrester Wave: Predictive Analytics and Machine Learning Solutions,” Q1 2017. The report explains, “FICO’s Decision Management Suite encompasses the end-to-end capabilities needed to create, deploy and monitor models for use in complex, consequential enterprise decisions.”

Forrester also noted, FICO’s “software division is strong, with an impressive customer base across multiple industries.”

“We believe our position in the Forrester Wave is a great achievement and a testament to the strength of our products and savvy customers,” said Bill Waid, vice president and general manager, FICO Decision Management Solutions. “Our team is passionately committed to delivering the best in predictive and prescriptive analytics that our customers need to drive digital transformation and gain competitive advantage.”