August | Volume 39 | Number 4

August 2012 Med

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SPECIAL ISSUE: Innovative Education


Rethinking O.R. teacher training

By Peter C. Bell
Economic pressure, changing customer demands force business school faculty to revisit their approach to O.R. courses.

Shaping tomorrow’s problem solvers

By Jeff Kline
At the Naval Postgraduate School, O.R. theory is put into practice to strengthen the nation’s security.

Next generation of data scientists

By Deepinder Dhingra and Meena Anantha Padmanabhan
The case for an interdisciplinary approach encompassing math, business, technology and behavioral sciences.

Early O.R. education

By Kenneth Chelst and Thomas Edwards
Operations research aligned with the common core revolution in K-12 mathematics.

Optimal learning

By Warren B. Powell
Is it possible to use classical and familiar ideas from optimization to address learning problems?

Team-driven capstone course

By Karl Reimers and Ellen Jordan
Twelve-step approach for 19 students adds up to award-winning CIS college course project.