Moon rover

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moon rover

Figure 1: Searching for science points.

A new moon on a nearby planet has recently been discovered, and a rover has been sent to the surface to explore. Many interesting features on the new moon have been identified, but the rover has a limited travel distance ability so not all sites can be visited.

In order to prioritize the scientific value of a site, “science points” have been assigned to each of the sites of interest (as indicated by the numbers inside the circles). The rover starts at location D6. Due to the battery limitations of the rover, it can only travel a maximum distance of 25 kilometers. Use a direct line between sites to calculate travel distance (for example, the distance between G3 and H4 is 1.41km).


What is the maximum number of “science points” you can achieve before the rover’s batteries run out?

Send your answer to puzzlor@gmail.com by Oct. 15. The winner, chosen randomly from correct answers, will receive a $25 Amazon Gift Card. Past questions and answers can be found at puzzlor.com.

John Toczek is the senior director of Decision Support and Analytics for Aramark Corporation in the Global Operational Excellence group. He earned his BSc. in chemical engineering at Drexel University (1996) and his MSc. in operations research from Virginia Commonwealth University (2005).